self defense tips every woman should know

We all are acquainted with today’s scenario of women’s safety all over the world. Despite of having so many rules, regulations and laws presented by the government for women’s safety, they are still not safe. A survey revealed that India has topped the position of being the most dangerous country for women in issues such as rape and sexual assault, followed by Afghanistan and Syria for the same. The United States comes at 10th position as the most dangerous country for women.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data, the states that are not at all safe for women in the United States are Alaska, New Mexico, Oregon, Arkansas, and Maine. Alaska ranked as the top worst state for women’s safety. And states like Utah, Georgia and North Dakota are considered better with the women’s safety perspective because these states experienced fewer reports of sexual violence.

The overall study and survey tell us that women are still not safe if they travel alone whether in their own city or another one, if they come home late at night, going home after school, college or office, or even if they are just walking on the street they are not safe. The only solution for this problem to avoid such things is that every woman should be aware of some basic self defense tips so that they can protect themselves.

Below are some self-defense tips that every woman should know:

Keep Yourself Aware of the Surrounding Atmosphere:

This might sound very common, but it is the first and most important tip that every woman should keep in mind. Despite of hearing so many cases of sexual abuse every day, women sometimes ignore some small unusual things happening to or around them and this can put them in trouble. Whenever you feel something is going wrong, whether it is an uncomfortable or an informal physical touch or any kind of mental or emotional harassment you should never ignore such things and always keep yourself alert. Whether you are in the office, traveling in public transport or walking on the street, you must be aware of each and every unusual thing happening there. This can definitely protect you from getting into any problem.

Know the Attacker’s Weak Points and Your Strengths:

If there comes a time where you have to protect yourself or your loved one alone, then the one thing that can help you a lot to get out of that situation is to know your strengths and the attacker’s weakness. Once you find out the attacker’s weak points it comparatively gets easy to tackle the situation because then you can attack at their weakest point.

Always Keep Some Daily Objects as Weapons with You:

You might not be aware of the fact that the simple objects that you use daily can help out when you fall into any physical trouble. Objects like a key, an umbrella, pen, lighter, water bottle (made up of stainless steel material), etc can be of great help at the moment of crisis. So, it’s quite safe to keep these objects with you to protect yourself.

Use Your Elbow, and Knees to Attack:

An important tactic that you can use in order to keep yourself safe from an attacker is that use your elbow and knees. These two body parts are the strongest in your body. If in any situation you get close to an attacker, just use your elbow to attack. You can also use your knees for attacking. Try to attack his weakest points such as eyes, nose, throat, knees.

Keep an Eye on His Hand’s Thumb:

Do you know the fact that whenever an attacker grabs you via the wrist, it’s very easy to get rid of his hands’ grip by just breaking down the grip through his thumbs? No? Don’t worry! You just need to learn this simple trick. The grip is weakest at the point where his thumb and fingers meet. If the attacker’s thumb is in an upward direction, pull with a jerk in an upward direction only. Similarly, if the attacker’s thumb is pointing towards the right, then pull with a jerk in the right and then you can easily break the grip in this way.

Scream for Help:

Whatever be the situation never miss an opportunity to take help with someone. You just need to scream for help and try to get the attention of anyone who can be of your help at that time.

So, these are some basic tips and tricks that you can follow if you or any of your loved one get into trouble in order to escape from the situation safely.