17 Highest paid basketball players

Basketball is not just a sport but a passionate demonstration of team spirit! With five players usually in each team, let’s find out who the highest-paid ones are!


Basketball is considered to be among the most popular sports of all time. Basketball ranks as one of the highest paying sports in the world. This is one of the reasons that every county or school in the US emphasizes basketball among other sports, due to its wide popularity.

Basketball is also referred to as Hoops and played among two teams with five players on each side. The interesting aspect of this sport is how any player dodges its opponents and dribbles it to its hoop.

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With compelling strategies and great experience, some basketball players stay ahead of the rest. These players are treated like gems in the professional basketball industry. Team managers are always on the hunt for the best players in their team, and this makes these players high in demand. On top of that, big brands make big profits by paying these players to endorse their products.

Here is a list of the 17 highest-paid basketball players that are making big bucks. Be sure to find your favorite ones!

1) Stephen Curry

basketball player

Stephen Curry is popularly known as one of the greatest hoop shooters that NBA has ever produced. In just 32 years of age, he is earning as much as $43 million through his NBA contract. Curry has been endorsing many famous brands, including “Under Armor” which pays him $20 million annually. Some of the other brands that he has been endorsing include Chase, Nissan Motor, Palm, and Rakuten. Stephen Curry currently represents “Golden State Warriors” with a position of the point guard.

2) Russell Westbrook III

basketball player

Russell Westbrook stands number 2 in this list of highest-paid basket players! Westbrook represents “Washington Wizards”. He has been privileged to receive NBA All-star recognition nine times consecutively. In the 2016-17 season, he landed on the triple-double earning him the “NBA Most Valuable Player Award”. He is making slightly above $41 million through his NBA contract with Washington Wizards. He is endorsing some of the famous brands, including Nike, Pepsico, Samsung electronics, and True Religion Apparel.

3) Chris Paul

basketball player

Chris Paul, playing for “Phoenix Suns,” is also making the same as Russell Westbrook above $41 million through his contract, making him the third highest-paid basketball player in the season of 2020-2021. His long list of on-court achievements includes 9 times NBA All-Star, 1 time NBA All-Star MVP, 4 times All-NBA First Team, and a lot of other achievements. Born in North Carolina, he is playing at the point guard position for his team. Nike, Spalding, and Walt Disney are among his top endorsements.

4) James Harden

basketball player

James Harden ranks on the fourth spot among the highest-paid basketball players globally. Harden excels as one of the best shooting guards produced by the NBA. He has bagged the NBA All-Star award 8 times and also achieved the most prestigious NBA MVP for the season of 2018-19. Harden surely is one of the top players in the NBA. Representing “Brooklyn Nets,” he is making above $41 million, slightly less with our no 2 and 3 players. He has been endorsing Adidas, Beats Electronics, Body Armour, and few other famous brands.

5) John Wall

basketball player

John Wall is representing “Houston Rockets” and has an annual contract of above $41 million, same as Jame Harden. He got traded off to Houston Rockets in 2020 and had belonged to Washington Wizards formerly. He has been the NBA All-Star for 5 times and also the SEC player of the year for the year 2010. With a sneaker deal with Adidas, Wall is endorsing exclusive sneaker that the company has launched on his name as ‘Adidas J Wall 1’ and ‘Adidas J Wall 2’.

6) Kevin Durant

basketball player

Kevin Durant is most popularly known from his initials as KD among his fans. Durant represents “Brooklyn Nets.” Some of the biggest on-court achievements in his decade long career include ‘NBA Champion (2 times), the NBA Most Valuable Player Award (2014), NBA All-Star (10 times), and many more. Besides trying his charisma in the NBA, Durant has also participated in The Players Tribune as a writer. Also, Kevin Durant starred in one of 2012’s famous comedy films, Thunderstruck. He is making around $40 million from his NBA contract. He has been the brand ambassador for Google, Alaska Air Group, and Nike.

7) LeBron James

basketball player

LeBron James Sr. is a very famous basket player, often considered to be the best in NBA history. Due to his strategic position and flawless moves, he has also been compared to the greatest champion in basketball, Micheal Jordan. LeBron James represents the “Los Angeles Lakers” and making an average of $39 million through his contract. James has a deal with Nike for his signature shoes at a stunning amount of $32 million.

8) Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin started his career in the NBA as a professional basketball player in 2009, where he belonged to Los Angeles Clippers. However, in 2018, Griffin joined “Detroit Pistons” and has been representing it till now. Blake Griffin has been able to achieve an early break after vigorous coaching by his father, Tommy Griffin (former basketball player). He makes around $36 million from his NBA contract.

9) Paul George

According to Sports Illustrated, Paul George has been named as one of the most precise shooters that the NBA has ever witnessed. Paul George belongs to “Los Angeles Clippers”. He has earned NBA All-Star Award six times consecutively, along with being a five-time member of The All NBA Team. He has an annual contract of $35 million. Paul has been endorsing some of the most famous brands, including Nike, New Era, Foot Locker, and Gatorade.

10) Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson lands on the tenth spot in this list of highest-paid basketball players! He represents “Golden State Warriors”. Along with several awards under his label, Thompson has also been All NBA Third Team two times. Klay Thompson gets his effortless sportsmanship from his father, Mychal Thompson (former NBA Player). He has an annual contract of above $35 million, slightly less than Paul George. He is making around $15 million from brand endorsements, including Panini, Body Armour, Anta Sports Products, Electronic Arts, and Gillette.

11) Mike Conley Jr.

Mike Conley Jr is yet another famous basketball player that is renowned because of his skills on the hoops. He represents “Utah Jazz” and joined it in 2019. Since then, he has been one of those team players who are popular among the opponents too. Mike Conley Jr. is making about $34 million from his NBA contract. He is one of the brand ambassadors for Nike’s Jordan range.

12) Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is yet again a famous name in the NBA League. However, he is popularly known as Jimmy Buckets. Butler represents “Miami Heat” and has been an honoree three times in The All NBA Team. Also, he gained Most Improved Player Award in 2015. Jimmy Butler has an average salary of $34 million from his contract. He has been endorsing Aquahydrate, Beats by Dre, Bonobos, Five Four, and Hyperrice, making him around $3 million annually.

13) Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard has been nicknamed as Claw due to his great expertise of skillful gripping. Leonard represents “Los Angeles Clippers”. Due to his excellent defense execution, he has also been awarded Defensive Player of the Year during the tenure of 2015 and 2016. He has an average salary of $34 million annually.

14) Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker is another gem that shines in the NBA League due to his fine set of skills and energy. Kemba Walker is also a four-time NBA All-Star. Just like many other basketball players, he started his career in high school and college that landed him in the NBA. At present, Walker represents “Boston Celtics. He is currently making around $34 million through his contract. He is also earning from his deal with the Jordan brand.

15) Tobias Harris

Due to his efficiency on the hoops, Tobias Harris has played for multiple clubs, including Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers, and Detroit Pistons. However, currently, he represents “Philadelphia 76ers”. Tobias Harris has a great fan following because of his humble personality and immense popularity. He is earning around $34 million annually.

16) Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton lands on the sixteenth position in this list of highest-paid basket players! Born in South Carolina, he started off playing basketball while he was a high school student. Khris Middleton represents “Milwaukee Bucks.” He also got his distinguished All-Star break in 2019. He has a salary of $33 million.

17) Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis lands as one of the promising and highly paid basketball players in the NBA, to be included in this list! Anthony Davis started his career with New Orleans Hornets in 2012 and continued to playoff until he got traded to “Los Angeles Lakers” in 2019. He makes around $32 million.

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