Be At Peace, Meditate, Trump Buddha Designer Tells Former President

Be at peace, meditate, Trump Buddha statue designer tells former president
Trump Buddha Statue - Reuters

Hong Jinshi, a Chinese furniture maker who first created several statues of the former US President Donald Trump, meditating in Buddhist pose as a fun project for himself last year. Six months down the lane, Hong’s funny hobby has turned into a small side-hustle, with a workshop in the city of Dehua in Fujian Province on the track to produce a prime batch of 250 Statues of Trump wearing a Buddhist robe with his legs crossing.

Hong was inspired by the potential contrast provided by two Buddhism extremism and former leader known for their sharp explosions. “Our tradition is that someone who is so old and successful … must start enjoying his old age and stay more relaxed, but he is still tormented and makes fretting from various desires and uncertainties,” Hong said.


Hong has received orders from China and abroad for 200 sculptures, which takes ten days to make and display the design that he applied for several months with a sculptor friend’s help. The 16-cm version (6.3 inches) costs 999 yuan ($ 152.22), while the 46 cm statue costs 20000 yuan.

Sales will be higher, said Hong, if not for scores “fake and lower quality,” which has emerged on the popular Chinese online market Taobao at lower prices. Hong did not know whether Trump had seen the statue but said he was ready to offer one to the former leader to help him “to be a little cheerful.”

Hong said this project had taken a lot of happiness and recommended a similar search for happiness. “Meditation is a display inside, where you let go and stop fighting for fame and luck,” Hong said. “In this current trump, honestly, he is very suitable for meditation this way.”

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