At this point, it is largely known that Chief Executive of Formula, Bernie Ecclestone, speaks his mind with no filter. His latest statement that has grabbed everyone’s attention is him calling North America “A bit of a shit hole”.

The statement was in context to a question posed to Ecclestone by reporters on Thursday, asking him about the new race on the F1 calendar in Baku. His overall response was that he was fairly pleased with how the street circuit turned out but managed to slip in a quick insult to North America as a whole. gave a full report on his statement pertaining to the track which can be seen below.

“I didn’t walk it but went around it. When I laid it out in the first place I was told I was mad, trying to get the old city and the new city together, but it looks like it has worked out alright. We just left the greatest place in the world North America, and compared to here, it is a bit of a shit hole isn’t it?”

Ecclestone was also asked questions about the reputation that Baku has for violating human rights and gave his usual answers without actually answering the question. This, of course, comes to no surprise, Ecclestone has a track record for avoiding political discussion and ensuring the sport of F1 has no ties to global politics what so ever.

“The minute people tell me what human rights are, you can look at how, why and when it applies. Does anyone know what human rights are? We listen obviously, and if people have got genuine complaints there is not a lot we can do. I think you get into trouble in most countries if you are anti some government or political people, or in fact anybody. So it is not quite as easy as that.”