Bernie Sanders’ Trending Mittens, Memes Raise $1.8 Million for Charity

The netizens were on a roll as Bernie Sanders seemed to have appeared in every other person’s timeline on social media.

Bernie sanders Mittens Memes
Image via Twitter

The merchandise sold with Bernie Sanders image, which is an internet sensation lately has helped raise a whopping $1.8 million in the last five days. The money will go to the charitable organizations in the Senator’s home state Vermont, as announced by Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders Memes
Image via Twitter

Bernie Sanders was all over the social media frenzy after his presidential inaugural look appeared in thousands of quirky memes. The presidential candidate for the second time, Sanders attended the presidential inaugural on 20th January in extremely simple attire, unlike his other counterparts who were dressed to the nines. Wearing recycled wool mittens, and an oversized parka, Senator Sanders was not the best dressed, but he definitely came to the limelight after his picture taken by AFP photographer ‘Brendan Smialowski’ went viral. Thereafter Sanders’ image sitting cross-legged wearing those mittens was seen in every picture, showing him seated in a subway, on the moon’s surface, on the mountains, and even on the couches with random people.

US Senator memes

Bernie Sanders meme-inspired Merchandise Sold Out Completely

When an interviewer told Bernie about his fashion sense gone viral on social media, Bernie was thrilled to see the images and told him that the mittens which have become so popular have been made by a Vermont based elementary teacher.


The 79-year old US lawmaker put the ‘Chairman Sanders’ merchandise on his website on Thursday, which saw a crazy response with all the merchandise being sold out in the first 30 minutes. The new orders being placed for the senator printed merchandise will now be loaded in another couple of weeks. In a statement written to the media, Bernie Sanders wrote that he and Jane are amazed by the creativity of people over the last week, and the former decided to use his internet fame to help his people in Vermont.

Bernie sanders Merchandise

The charitable organizations which will receive the money from the ‘Chairman Sanders’ items sold are ‘Meals on Wheels’ for America in Vermont, Feeding Chittenden, and Vermont Parent Child Network, in addition to some other charitable endeavors.

Crocheted Sander’s Doll Sold for $40,000

Crocheted Doll Bernie Sanders

Also joining Bernie Sander’s items is Sanders’ Doll made out of crochet which is made by Tobey King, a crochet artist. The meme-inspired crocheted doll raised $40,000 for charity. She made it in straight seven hours after she decided to make the pattern given the inauguration outfit of the Vermont Senator was doing several rounds on social media. King also posted on her Instagram page, the pictures of the Sander’s Doll and expressed her admiration for Bernie Sanders’ efforts to help people. She auctioned the doll on ebay to donate the money to ‘Meals on Wheels’ for America.


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