senator sanders during a meeting

Bernie Sanders is running a fantastic campaign in the Democratic nomination race. As a socialist democrat, he avocates an attractive speech and meets people’s expectation. Everywhere he goes, people give him a rock star welcoming. To share his ideas he uses up social media. He has an account with more than 5 million followers. Furthermore, its admirers create a dozen groups and forum to promote, his campaign. They are convinced, Senator Sanders is the only candidate capable to make America the great country of prosperity for all, not only for 1% of the wealthiest American.

Senator Sanders is not a fresh out. He is matured socialist. He is also someone who teaches, lives an evolve the socialism. This man has always put human being before everything. He practiced it while he was major of Burlington a city of Vermont State, as well as in the senate for this same state. Thus, this constancy drives people to believe him, and find his ideas amaze. Some supporters go further to compare the candidate campaign, of the new gospel, a wind of hope, and fresh for American middle class. For those supporters, Bernie Sanders’ statement is crucial, since, it talks about the fundamental human right and dignity for the American working class.

Bernie always takes the nearest neighbor country as an example during his campaign. Vermont’s senator does not hide his admiration for Canada. To illustrate what happens in the order side of the border, He said: “After heart transplantation in Canada, he said, the patient does not get any bill in its mailbox”. However, the USA spends more money per capita, more than any country in the world. He proposes a universal care system, that allows people to see the doctor of their choice, without a copayment. Besides, “Ones get to the office I will cut the drug prescription price by half, which people pay ten times more than other majors countries”.

In fact, The Vermont Senator puts the finger in the wound. According to him, it is inconceivable, in the US, people live with a minimum wage of misery. According to him, a worker who works 40 hours a week should have a decent place to live without doing a second or a third job. However, countries in Europe like France for example, people work 35 hours a week and that all. They have enough time for themselves, for their family, their children. For Bernie Sanders, thinks most be changed. To face this problem, he proposes the raising of the minimum rage.

He touches also the healthcare system, it is about another big issue in America. For him, healthcare is not a privilege reserved for a specific category. He believes it is a human right. Every American should be healthy regardless, of its age, sexual orientation, and color. “Why we should consider universal healthcare system as luxe in the US while it is a fact in other major countries in the world?” He is wondering.

Concerning the minorities, he promotes integration for everyone. “Wherever you come from, you have your place in an inclusive America” he reminded. He guesses that diversity is a strength for the US. “My government will be a photography of American diversity as it is”. About immigrant, sanders put them in faith. He takes himself as an example. I am a son of immigrant he said. “When my father came to the US from Poland, he was 17, and my dad didn’t have a nickel in his pocket. I know what immigrant means.”

About student loan, Sanders says. The young American professionals are suffering a hard time in their daily life. They can not get married either get kids. Because they have to pay student debts and interests. “When I become president, I will cancel all student debt,” he said. Besides, when some young student talks to him during his campaign, and say they have to work 40 hours weeks and sturdy at the same time to avoid student loan. For Sanders, a student should take his whole time to study, to be most efficient in fields. To resolve this problem, he will give free College for student as is it in certain major countries in the world.

The socialist candidate for the 2020 presidential election didn’t make impossible promises. Every single proposition is currently in place in other major countries in the world, less wealthy than America, however, its population life expectancy is longer than the one of Americans.

Also, he requests the understanding of 1% of American people who take over the American economy, as well as World Street and Drugs Company. He believes that it is a moral duty for those institutions to reduce a little bit their profits. It is the only way we can bring joy and dignity to American workers who are experiencing unhappiness and live paycheck to paycheck. That unfair to have in the US as much as weak, and homeless in our street, he declared.

Finally, Sanders speaks out it preoccupation about, prisons in America. He found appalling that the USA has 2 million people in jail. The most incarcerated population in the world, so far in front of China. Above all, Bernie Sanders thinks there is something broken inside American society, which has to fix. He urges to be the best candidate capable of bridging the gap.