Best 5 Custom Facials in NYC to Get Individualized Skincare

Check out the various Bespoke custom facials at these places before you make an appointment for your custom facials.

Custom Facials in NYC
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New York City has some of the best custom facials, and here we bring to you the top 5 custom facials which you can totally rely on.

There are hundreds of beauty treatments available nowadays, some of them pretty wild, but it’s the best move to choose a Spa, which helps you with custom facials according to your skin. We are listing below 5 Spas and the exclusive custom facials they make available to the customers. There’s a combination of various things like the Masques, technology, compounds used by these Spas to form individualized treatments according to your skin type.

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Since we all have different skin, we want the skincare customized according to our skin. These facials in NYC may be your go-to place to notch up your skincare regime.

1. Rescue Spa Custom Facials

The Fix-it-all facial ($300) at Rescue Spa combines the new technology and Top-Notch products to give an overall solution to each skincare concern. Owning a huge clientele, the Rescue Spa is one of the best Spa in NYC, making your facial experience a mix of self-love, soothing, and luxury.

Rescue Spa custom facials

The best thing about Fix-it-all facial is that it is amazing for any skin type. Also, it follows a holistic approach to a beauty treatment with European techniques and modern technology. The custom facial, which is a result of years of experience, start with cleansing. ‘Lait U by Biologique Recherche’ is used in cleansing, and the Spa considers cleansing the skin 2 times, once to remove the make-up and once to really clean up the skin. The Spa Professional ‘Danuta’, swears by the Spa’s Signature Product, the ‘Biologique Recherche Lotion P50’ which she uses to do her magical facial massage on the customers. The massage is then followed by some micro-currents followed by advanced technology such as LED lights with Oxygen treatment to the face.

Rescue Spa Facial

Danuta emphasizes that since every skin is different, the esthetician uses the products and modalities as per the individual skin type.

2. Heyday Custom Facials

The Heydey’s signature Facial includes a deep cleanse and extractions to reset your skin. They also feature a handheld LED treatment, a 50-min treatment affordable ($105).

Heydey Skincare facials

Heydey uses a variety of product lines to generate custom facials as per the individual’s skin. The products smell amazing, and Heydey uses hot towels instead of steam in the facial process. After the massages, the skin is treated further with a mask and some extractions. If you want more, Heydey Facials include their signature Hand and Arm massage to make you relieved of all the daily stress that you are holding onto. The treatment ends with a LED light therapy to give the skin an intense glow.

Heydey Skincare


3. Silver Mirror Facial Bar

Silver Mirror Facial bar’s signature treatment is a quick and easy 30-minute facial that includes an oxygen treatment, and it comes for only $80. Cindy Kim, CO founder and CO-CEO of the Spa, says that they want the Facials to be accessible and affordable for the women. She says that they believe in a no-frill approach, so the Spa is like a walk-in with an open concept, an innovative setup, where they have the facial units with curtains around, for women just to come in, get the skin treated, and go about their day.

Silver Mirror Facial Bar NYC

The signature custom facial is a 30-minute treatment, especially for women who mainly need a deep cleanse or a reset to their skin. The facial, which starts with a double cleanse, is followed by treatment with an enzymatic foam. It is then followed by skin exfoliation done by pumpkin enzyme and the steam, which helps it penetrate the skin. Then comes the step for Silver Mirror’s signature treatment, i.e., the Purelift.

Silver Mirror Facials

In this, conductor gel is applied to the face, which works for the currents to get beneath the skin, stimulating the muscles. This helps to tone and lift the muscles. This is followed by applying a soothing Jelly Mask which calms the skin. In the last, the skin is treated with a vitamin and enzyme cocktail for an intense glow—the facial ends with full oxygen treatment.

Silver Mirror Oxygen Treatment


4. Shen Beauty

The Shen signature treatment is a 60-minute custom facial for $140. It includes a list of holistic skincare approaches. However, there are also available for you some a’ la carte options, like revealing eye therapy.

Shen Beauty Facials

The Shen Beauty Spa takes the advantages of both holistic treatment and science. The custom facial combines aromatherapy, massage, and Reiki techniques, which make the experience purely blissful.

Shen Beauty NYC

Also, it uses the first mask made up of algae, kale, and spinach. They use natural ingredients like honey, which acts as a base for the Spa’s signature treatment, i.e., LED Mask. Then follows a quick treatment of the eyes with cucumbers and icicles, which soothes the eyes.

LED Light Mask

5. Joanna Vargas Day Spa

The Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Facial for $250 is one high-tech and effective facial which will give you toned and lifted skin through the best measures. It combines micro-current penetrations to tone face muscles, microdermabrasion, and oxygen-infused therapy.

Joanna Vargas NYC

The treatment leaves you with a luminous complexion, so you are all set to walk down a red carpet. If you are looking for a luxurious experience and instant skin glow, try out the custom facial at Joanna Vargas.




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