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In the tech-friendly world of today, headphones have become a necessity, just like food and water. However, choosing the right headphones can be a hassle at times, because so many options are available in the market. To help you out, this article lists the best headphones of 2019. So let us have a look at them:

1. Apple AirPods:

Apple has been on a roll lately. They are releasing many different products, like iPhones, Apple watches and iPods. Their latest Apple AirPods is loaded with many new features, like a new H1 chip and always-on Siri. They also have a wireless charger. These AirPods only cost $159.

Apple AirPods are excellent for making outdoor and indoor calls. The H1 chip connects at once with Apple devices and helps you talk for long periods. However, the main drawback of these headphones is that there is no upgrade to fit them properly in your ears. There is also no sound improvement made in this new version.

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II:

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Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is another great headphone of 2019. The Bose Company upgraded the QC35 by adding the Google Assistant button. Like the QC35, they are quite comfortable and have excellent sound quality and noise cancellation features. These headphones are perfect for long flights. They also have an active EQ feature.

These headphones aren’t as cheap as they have many features. Their cost price is $349. If you are on a budget, you should consider buying the previous model, Bose Comfort 35. It is a lot cheaper, but doesn’t have the Google Assistant feature.

3. Song WH-1000X M2:

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Song WH-1000 M2 is one of the best headphones present in the market. They cost around the $350 mark. They have excellent noise canceling ability. However, the main selling feature of these headphones is the EQ app. Sony gives excellent granular controls. However, they are just for the SBC codec.

Another great feature of these headphones is that they control low-end noise well. Different flow charts have shown their beneficial effects on low-end noise.

4. Tribit Xfree Tune:

Most cheap headphones don’t have good features. However, Tribit Xfree Tune is an exception. They cost just $44. Their design is stylish and they are quite comfortable. They also have a natural sound with good clarity. Thus, their sound quality is as good as the Bluetooth headphones, which are three or four times their price.

The Company offers a decent headphone packaging, which contains a wire for people who want to use them in wired mode. However, the main drawback of these headphones is that they don’t have any noise cancellation feature. There is noise canceling to some extent, but it’s only for voice calls.

Overall, these headphones are a good bargain. Firstly, they cost much cheaper than other headphones with the same features. They don’t have as many features as the high-end laptops, but still, they are good for daily use.

5. New Jabra ear pods:

If you want a cheap headphone and don’t fancy the Tribit Xfree, you should buy the Jabra Move Wireless. They cost $60, which is a well-justified price. On the surface, the headphone has black and blue resistant fabric coats, which give it a sporty look. They provide a good sound quality along with a stellar battery in its packaging.

The only problem with these headphones is the noise leakage. The lack of noise isolation can also create hearing problems in a crowded place.


These are the best headphones in 2019. The question as to which headphones you should choose depends upon your individual preference. If you want a cheap headphone for daily use, you should go either for Jabra Move Wireless or for the Tribit Xfree Tune. However, if you are a tech-savvy person who isn’t willing to compromise on specs and features, you should buy the Apple AirPods.