Best reasons why your muscles are not growing

Most of the people work hard in the gym, but they ignore muscle recovery. There are many reasons why your muscles are not growing

reasons why your muscles are not growing

Are you not getting enough muscle gaining after the consistent workout routine, eating a healthy diet, and lifting heavyweight? Have you ever pointed out your mistakes that are limiting your muscles to grow? If your muscles are not growing, it means that it is much weak. Muscles are quite sensitive; those require proper care to thrive. Today, we’re going to share some of the best reasons why your muscles are not growing. Just go through these reasons and mark your mistakes. Not only consuming a proper diet and lifting heavyweight is enough for the growth of muscle, but there are many more factors that affect your muscles.
Some people think that their muscle is not coming in the gaining stage because they haven’t included supplement in their diet. This statement is just an excuse. Supplements are useful for people who don’t have enough resources to consume nutrition. Sometimes the age factor is also a reason behind the slow gaining of the muscle. Under 18 teenagers have slow muscle growth as compared to young adults. If you’re following these tips and still not getting good results, so now its time to bring some change in your lifestyle. Here is the list of mistakes that every 3rd person is making nowadays.

Low consumption of water

According to some reports, a large percentage of people don’t drink enough quantity of water in the daily routine. Our body contains 70% of a fluid (water). The nutrition of the food passes to the blood with the help of water. It is necessary to drink at least ten glass of water every day. Water brings positive changes in your body in multiple ways. It improves the blood flow in the body and keeps you safe from the various diseases. Drinking the right amount of water also makes your skin clear and spotless. Do you want to get these benefits? , start drinking water.

Poor sleep quality

Our muscles recover during sleep. A night of high-quality sleep is compulsory to keep the functioning of the body smooth. Have you ever noticed the laziness or tiredness in the morning? It is just because of the poor quality of sleep. Most of the people complaints they wake up at midnight. If you’re also facing this issue, then lower the quantity of water consumption after 7 pm and don’t drink water 1 hour before going to bed. Keep the temperature of your room balance because the temperature of our body decreases during sleep.

A lower level of testosterone

Nowadays, many guys are facing a low level of testosterone, which is one of the common reasons why your muscles re not growing. Testosterone is the primary hormone of men that helps in gaining muscle. So, it is evident that if you have a low testosterone level, then you’ll definitely face a problem of weak muscles. If you’re a guy with a low level of male sex hormone, then no need to worry because there are many ways through which you can improve your testosterone level. You can also try our article “Best ways to boost testosterone naturally.”

Less quantity of protein in the diet

If you’re lifting heavy weight in the gym, but not taking enough quantity of protein in the diet, then there are very rare chances of the muscle gaining. It is one of the best reasons why your muscles are not growing. During the workout, our muscles start breaking. To recover the broken muscles, you’ve to eat a good quantity and quality of protein. There are many foods like chicken breast, lean meat, green vegetables, eggs, and milk that contains a high amount of protein in them. Training a muscle is a good practice, but recovering a muscle is more important than training. If the protein resources are not available to you, then going for a whey protein supplement is one of the best options.


In conclusion, there are many mistakes that you’re making in the daily routine that limits your muscle gaining. In this article, we’ve shared several mistakes that slow down the growth of muscle. Taking a good quality of sleep is necessary for recovering the muscles, and many people are unaware of it. By improving or correcting these mistakes, you can gain the right muscle size. If you’ve any other tips regarding this topic, then we would love to hear from you.

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