Best Selling Video Games of the Year 2020

The video gaming industry is on the boom for quite a while now and it is subjected to become a huge if not the biggest industry of the digital world. Here are the games of the year that are leading the way for the industry.

best selling video games

Good quality video games provide a fun, relief, and social form of entertainment and relaxation. Video games can have positive or negative consequences on how players behave, depending upon the content. The Highest-earning video games of all time are listed below.

Best Selling Video Games of the Year


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

best selling games

COD is a popular first-person shooter video games series, launched in 2003. It has been the highest-selling game of 2020 across all video games. It is currently the fourth fastest-selling release in US track history. According to NPD May 2020, the video game COD is selling at historic levels. It is currently available on Xbox One, Play Station 4, and PCs. It has earned a total of $645 million. It has generated $956 million in revenue from microtransactions in the first quarter, Jan-Mar, 2020.

Grand Thief Auto

best selling game

GTA V is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games and developed by Rockstar North. It is the only video game to have sold over 100 million copies. It is one of the most profitable entertainment products of all time. It made more money in April 2020 than it made in the last 7 years on the market. According to Gruetz, the game has made more money than blockbuster movies like “Star Wars” and “Gone with the Wind.” It continues to rival current-gen games by earning $595 million across the period. It is the second best-selling video game of all time with over 135 million copies shifted and $6 billion in revenue.

The Last of Us: Part 2

best selling

It is one of the best-selling ps4 games, with over four million units sold. The 2020 action-adventure game developed by naughty dog and published by Sony interactive entertainment; the sales of “Last Part of Us: Part 2” broke multiple records for Sony. It is praised for performances, characters, and visual fidelity. It became the third bestselling game of the year and generated the highest first-month sales of the year.



FIFA 21 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts release it on 9 October 2020. FIFA 21 has topped the US October sports gross sale chart. EA has added quality features to it and has made significant improvements to how the game plays pitch. It has posted revenue of $1.4 billion and earnings of $1.25 per share; the sport reaches $3.43 billion in incomes generated.  The game has three official editions: Ultimate, Champions, and Standard.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

video game

Animal Crossing is a life simulation video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was released on March 20, 2020. Animal Crossing is on track to become the best-selling game ever after selling 26 million copies. It won the award for the Best Game of the Year at the Japan Games Awards. This highest-earning game has performed incredibly well. The social-sim game sold nearly 12 million copies in less than two weeks. Even non-gamers can be obsessed with Animal Crossing due to its wholesome and social media popularity.

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