Biden Solidifies U.S. Election Win, Trump Refuses to Concede

Biden further solidified his victory results from Edison Research showed him winning Georgia, giving him a final tally of 306 Electoral College votes, far more than the 270 needed to be elected president.

Joe Biden Solidifies U.S. Election Win, Trump Refuses to Concede
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President-elect Joe Biden has further cemented his victory in the election as exit polls from Edison Research project him winning in the key state of Georgia. This comes as President Trump’s supporters are expected to take to the streets on Saturday to protests the alleged voter fraud.

Since media first predicted Biden’s victory last week, Trump has launched a flurry of legal challenges in some key states to overturn his rival’s win in the polls. But on the other hand, Biden’s win in Georgia has given him a final tally of more than 306 electoral votes, far more than the needed 270 to be elected as the President of the United States.


Interestingly, the President-elect’s electoral vote count of 306 is the same as Trump’s in the last presidential election, which he dubbed as a “landslide victory.” However, this time he has so far repeatedly refused to concede to victory and is backed by several Republican politicians. In response to the unsubstantiated claims by the Trump campaign, two senior election officials stated that they found no clear evidence of fraud in the electoral process and said that these elections were the “fairest” in American history.

Meanwhile, talking at an event in the White House, Trump projected that the American nation would have the coronavirus vaccine by April next year. During the event, he edged closer to acknowledging that he might leave the White House in January but stopped short. After the event ended, Trump did not take any questions from the news reporters.

While the incumbent is yet to concede and officially begin the transition of power, Biden has maintained that his campaign was moving ahead with transition efforts. Jen Psaki, a top Biden’s transition team advisor, urged the White House to allow the President-elect and her mate to receive daily intelligence briefings on threats across the world.

Additionally, some of the legal lawsuits filed by the Trump team have failed to stand in the court as they failed to provide any credible evidence. If Trump aims to win his reelection bid, he needs to overturn Biden’s victory in at least three states, which he has failed to do so far. On Friday, Biden’s legal team stated that they do not expect a manual recount in the state of Georgia. But the spokesperson of the Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, said while speaking to a local news channel that the legal team expects to prevail in the Georgia recount.

Moreover, on Friday, a court in the state of Michigan rejected an application by the Trump legal team that demanded to block the certification of results in Detroit, where the votes are heavily in favor of Joe Biden. Similarly, after the final count rendered its moot in Arizona, Trump’s lawyers dropped the lawsuit. Furthermore, on Thursday, the US cybersecurity agency said in a statement that now they found evidence of deleted or lost votes.

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