Book Reading is a Good Habit, In Fact the Most Desirable Addiction

Book reading is a good habit
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Addiction of any kind is bad, except for reading. Book reading is a good habit, in fact the most desirable addiction of all. Knowledge through reading has led men to form civilizations. A man without knowledge is little more than a beast roaming around the deserts of Sahara. For like an animal, he is barely capable of distinguishing things beyond black and white certainties.

It is knowledge and knowledge alone that gives human beings perspectives, enabling them to perceive things in more shades than just black and white.

Here knowledge hardly means that emanates from social media, like Facebook posts or Twitter trends, largely used for propaganda and is often misleading. Instead, the greatest source of learning has been for mankind is through centuries-old human experiences reflected on the papers for the posterity. For their experiences, observations either in the form of art, literature, fiction, religion, science or philosophy of life have been able to successfully transmitted through generations.

It is for the same reason that Socrates’s philosophy is still as relevant as it was some 2400 years ago. Also, his fatal drink which he drank for a greater cause, still means to us as a symbol of respect for learning, even in unfavorable circumstances.

What connects a common man with one of the greatest Greek philosophers, Socrates and his equally worthy successors Plato and Aristotle? Could that be possible to know the mental achievements of the individuals had there been no recorded history in the forms of books?

So, it is both the quest for knowledge and the availability of books that enable men to grow and refine their mental faculties before they are able to explore all avenues of possible excellence. It could be ranging anywhere between exploring the center of the Earth and moonwalk.

Book Reading Breeds Tolerance

The love for knowledge urges men to read more and thus enables them to contribute to a constructive formation of his mind. Reading is a good habit also because, besides all other things, it contributes to taming the animalistic impulse of man into human restraint, we call tolerance.

When you read books, you begin to share the experience of the author whose untiring research opens the windows of new opportunities, perspectives and possibilities of a certain event under study.

On the contrary, it is the dilemma or perhaps a curse of ignorance that a man without knowledge is usually incapable of viewing things beyond black and white. He prefers to see the world with his own prejudiced eye, incapable of absorbing the light of knowledge.

For him, in politics or religion, there are fixed ideas and he is bound by conviction, a cursed gift of ignorance, to follow his dogmas.

On the other hand, a man who knows by virtue of the knowledge gained through books, is slowly stripped of that “conviction”. The more he reads, the more he is doubtful about everything he already knew. This very doubt is the beginning of individual excellence as it leads men to explore things which a mind with ignorant conviction could hardly think of.


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