Most of you may be bored by playing computer video games repeatedly. Everyone needs face-to-face human contact sometimes. Board games are a great way to have human contact. Therefore, here are the best tabletop board games for video gamers.

1. Fall Out Board Game:

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The Fall out board game costs only $50. Usually played by four players, it delivers an entertaining fallout experience. Every session has unexplored wastelands with different monsters and odd jobs to tackle. The game also has some odd quests and breathtaking factions. You can also push each player by completing tasks. However, promoting a single player can create problems for others. After playing this game, you will realize that it isn’t that competitive. However, it has a strong storyline.

The game is quite enjoyable and you will have fun playing it. It is also one of the best descriptions of post-apocalyptic America, you will find.

2. Root:

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Root is a game with the political dynamics of Star Wars. Since it costs just $55, it’s a must-play game for video gamers.

The main premise of the game is to conquer the woodland by being any one of the four factions. You can choose the feline Empire or aging warrior cast to retake the lost territory. You also have the choice of becoming the full Lando or the foxes, rabbits or mice, who sow the seeds of rebellion and bitterness.

Root has every aspect of an action game. It has soldiers, rouges, rebels, politics, and diplomacy. Players need to build each faction by completing tasks and earning points. You can also earn these points by finishing quests and taking over territories.

3. Arkham Horror:

Arkham Horror is one of the best tabletop board games and costs just $30 on Amazon. Most board games encourage player vs player combat. However, in this game, all the players work together to beat the board. Players have to work together to defeat the ancient old ones, like King in Yellow and Cthulhu. These creatures are there to destroy the world and you have to fight these supernatural creatures and save the day.

Arkham Horror is not your ordinary board game. It takes about 6 hours to finish and there are over 700 pieces and cards to play with. Therefore, you need plenty of time and space to play this game.

4. The Werewolf tabletop board game:

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Costing just $15, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a must-play board game for all the game lovers. The main premise of the game is that you have to find out the monster in one night. Each player is given a random role from many village residents and the werewolves. The players have to figure out who is the monster among them. The troublemaker can also exchange the card with someone else, which makes it even difficult to find out the culprit.

You need to make an accurate deduction to find out the monster. However, if you are the werewolf, you need to put blame away from yourself. So, there are a lot of suspense and drama in this game.

5. The Resistance:

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If you ever wanted to scream at your friend or loved one, this game gives you the opportunity. It has so many deceptions that you will feel like screaming at other players. It also costs just $15 and is best for playing in groups.

The game is quite easy to play. You have to succeed in three out of five resistance missions. However, there are spies in each game and their goal is to make these missions fail. So, you have to figure out which one of you is a trustworthy friend and which is a lying spy.

The game gets interesting when two best friends are put against one another, to find out the spy. So, don’t expect to get through this game without harsh feelings for other players.

These are the best tabletop board games in the market. They have all the thrill and drama you need. So, take a rest from video games and play these amazing board games.