Brexit Divorce
image via flickr

The new Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has reiterated his earlier stance on Brexit divorce that Britain will leave European Union on Halloween, whether it has a divorce agreement or not. The position, majority of the lawmakers oppose.

These are the perils of democracy, and for that matter absolute monarchies and dictatorships are considered smoother under one command. At least, in those systems the rulers do not have to listen to the public. Even if they superficially have do so, they are not necessarily obliged to implement the public demands on the matters, which fall in their domains.

Perhaps, the voters who voted in Brexit referendum of 2016 might be cursing the then PM David Cameron who allowed them the right to choose. The right to choose between a Remain and an Exit. In either case, they must have realized by now, they would become the victim of their own choices.

Ironically, Brexit divorce has not only made themselves the victim of their own choices, but the lawmakers of the House of Commons have to share the guilt of their electors too. For, not only the British people but their elected representatives have to face the consequences of those 52 percent voters who had favored exit from the European Union’s shackles.

Yet, even after 3 years since the historic referendum, the Brexit divorce is still hanging in uncertainty, which deepens with every passing day. The British public, after enjoying the prerogative of democracy by using referendum, has since shifted the weight of their political decision, too heavy to be lifted by two successive prime ministers. The third Prime Minister Johnson’s inflexible stance seems to identify with more to his disposition than to country’s cause.

Obviously, PM Johnson’s decision to bypass Parliament has not gone down well with the lawmakers. Certainly, it is not a democratic norm with which England identifies itself for centuries. For the same reason the House of Commons Speaker has said that he will block PM Johnson from bypassing Parliament to effect Brexit, according to Telegraph.

The Speaker also said that the lawmakers could still prevent a nightmarish no-deal Brexit from happening that is scheduled for the end of October. He added that he would fight “with every bone in my (his) body” against any attempt to prorogue or suspend parliament (by the PM).

His statement that, “We cannot have a situation in which parliament is shut down- we are a democratic society,” reflects the division between Executive and Legislature has certainly gone to alarming proportion.

Besides Speaker, former Chancellor Philip Hammond has also accused the PM Johnson of asking an insane and unacceptable demand from the EU, equating it with a “betrayal” of the 2016 referendum result.

PM Johnson has recently called for the EU to remove the Irish border backstop plan before the Brexit deadline of October 31. The PM’s stance is like a poor child asking for his parents to get him an expensive gift. Most of the EU experts assert the EU is not going to yield to any such demand. Still, the entire political administration in London will have to deliver a Brexit no matter if it comes at the expense of the unity of United Kingdom. These are the perils of democracy.