Shasta County, California faces serious danger when a wildfire engulfs over a hundred and twenty-five homes. The fire, named the Carr Fire, began a couple of days ago. Because of the intensity of the fire, about thirty-seven thousand people had to evacuate their homes. 

The Carr Fire took two lives so far, a Redding firefighter and a bulldozer operator. The fast-moving fire grew to about 44,450 acres— with only three percent contained.  

Apparently, the fire began Monday afternoon in Whiskeytown. The cause remains unknown. 

Ken Pimlott, Cal Fire Director, said, “This fire is a long way from being done.” 


In Redding and French Gulch, mandatory evacuations began. The entire Shasta County received a state of emergency issue on Thursday. Because of the massive fire, Governor Jerry Brown wants a presidential emergency declaration and FEMA assistance for the fire. He states, 

Supplemental federal assistance is necessary to save lives and to protect property, public health and safety, and to lessen the effects of this imminent catastrophe.”

He then continues with words about the lost lives, 

Our thoughts are with the loved ones of the two firefighters we lost fighting the Carr Fire and with the many Californians who have lost their homes.”

Featured Image via/ SFGate