California Wildfires force 2 million residents to evacuate their homes

california wildfires

California is under a red flag warning as two major wildfires have burst out in both North and South. The fires are raging out of control in the state. California wildfires have burned upland and destroyed structures. Almost 200,000 people have been evacuated. This has been the largest evacuation in modern history, as said by the sheriffs of the state.

Governor declares State-Wide Emergency in California Wildfires

On Sunday, October 27th, California Gov. Gavin Newsome declared an emergency in the state. He has asked the people who have orders to evacuate to heed the procedures seriously. Fire-fighters are doing their best to control the fires. The evacuation will not only help with the resident’s safety. It will help fire-fighters to focus on controlling the wildfire.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Newsome said that “We are deploying every resource available, and are coordinating with numerous agencies as we continue to respond to these fires”. He mentioned that more than 3,000 fire-fighters were battling the Kincade fire alone.

He also announced a $75 million program to help mitigate the effects of the blackouts.

Blackout in North & South California

Until Thursday night, the wildfire caused by fierce waves had burned 16,000 acres in Sonoma County. The cause of the Kincade fire is not yet declared. The California electric supplies were shut down by Pacific Gas & Electric officials(PG&E) on Thursday. About 1 million people are without power owing to the raging fires. The PG&E said that a 230,000-volt transmission line near Geyserville had malfunctioned minutes before that fire erupted Wednesday night. The wildfire has grown to about 50,000 acres with 10 % containment owing to further strong winds on Sunday.

Further, down South California, 5,000 acres were burnt, with 50,000 people being evacuated. Southern California Edison also shut off power to almost 1000 households. The Tick Fire in Los Angeles County was at 65% containment as of 8 a.m. on Sunday. The fire had burned more than 4,000 acres, destroying 22 structures and damaging 27 structures.

This is the second incident after the wildfires of October 2017 in Northern California. The Tubbs Fire in Northern California had destroyed tens of thousands of acres in Sonoma County, which killed nearly two dozen people.

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PG&E analyze the upcoming wind conditions

According to recent updates by the CBS News, the fire has destroyed at least 54,000 acres with 5% containment in Northern California. The winds may subside and give rise to favorable conditions for 24- hours. However, there are chances of another wind rush, which may start on Tuesday night.

California residents find themselves shelter as they flee from the fire

With millions of people seeking refuge in California, it is a struggle to find some safe place. Red Cross shelters are witnessing long queues, and are trying to settle in people. CBS News has reported that more shelters will open up in the coming hours.




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