Young people all over the world are using social media more and more to post everyday activities. Recently new developments in technology may allow scientist to use one website to see what a person’s mental state is. NowThis is reporting that an algorithm has been developed that may allow professionals to determine whether or not a person is suffering from depression based on what they post on Instagram. This marks another interesting development in the world of science and technology.

The algorithm focuses on many different features of the photo sharing application. NowThis is also reporting that this detection focuses on the filters a user chooses, the content of a users’ photos, and what posts they chose to like. Researchers found that people who are at high  risk of depression used more blue and gray filters in their photos. These people also took photographs of other people more than they posted photos of themselves. They also tended to have fewer likes on their posts.

Researchers are finding this new algorithm very interesting as it can be used to detect depression in people early on. Once it is perfected and its application in the working world can be figured out, it will be a great tool for Psychologist and Psychiatrists to use while studying people and figuring out how to begin their treatment. If this becomes a useful tool, developers will be able to take it and apply it to other social media applications.

The development of this new technology is very interesting and shows how the world continues to change every day. As people start to put more and more of their activities and feelings on the internet, people need to find new ways to detect and treat issues. Hopefully, this development will be able to benefit people in the very near future.