Canada Under Coronavirus Threat as PM’s Wife becomes new target

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Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, will quarantine himself for 14 days after his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was confirmed positive for having coronavirus.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau recently came back from London and experienced flu-like side effects. So she was checked for the coronavirus, the PM’s office stated earlier on Thursday. The test showed positive, it said at night. The Office of Prime Minister stated on Thursday that Grégoire Trudeau has mild evidence, and she will stay in quarantine for two weeks. Health Officers are approaching to those who have been in connection with her. There are presently 103 affirmed cases of the coronavirus in Canada. His office said, but the prime minister will continue his obligations and will address to citizens of Canada on Friday. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau started to show flu-like side effects with a low fever on Wednesday night after coming back from London.

Other Officials under threat of Coronavirus

After she confirmed positive for Covid-19, she stated, “Although I’m encountering uncomfortable manifestations of the infection. I will be in good health again soon. We will get past this circumstance together. Kindly share the realities and pay attention to your wellbeing”. Wellbeing workers will contact individuals whom Mrs. Grégoire Trudeau has met. In any case, the individuals who have been in contact with the PM are esteemed not to be in danger, as Mr. Trudeau has indicated no side effects of coronavirus. Various politicians around the world have been quarantining in later days after coming into viable contact with the infection. Five senior US Republicans and a Canadian cabinet minister also isolated themselves due to the spread of novel coronavirus. Mr. Trudeau was anticipated to do meetings throughout the following two days in Ottawa with provincial premiers and First Nations Leader.

Canadian Provinces and Coronavirus

Those meetings have been delayed. Mr. Trudeau will presently contact with those provincial partners via telephone. He will speak to them on the topic focusing on the response of Canada to the pandemic, said the prime minister’s office in an announcement on Thursday morning. Another government party leader, the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, said on Thursday he was also remaining at home because he was not feeling well. However, doctors have revealed to him that his indications are not consistent with the coronavirus. Their recommendation is for me to constrain contact with the public until I am feeling well, he said on his Twitter. According to the current situation of Canada, there are almost 103 affirmed cases of coronavirus, in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba. There has been one loss of life linked to the coronavirus.


The Canadian government has announced C$1bn ($728m; £562m) funds to deal with the coronavirus disease on Wednesday. This funding package will aid the country. It will also deal with the domestic influences of the virus and to subsidize further research and the development of the vaccine. Mr. Trudeau said that his government was ready to do more if the condition becomes more severe. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the prime minister advised Canadians to follow the suggestions of public wellbeing officials. Canada has sufficient equipment to deal with the spread of COVID-19. The Prime Minister and his wife thank all the health professionals and the Public Health Agency of Canada. They are performing incredible work for protecting all Canadians. The rate of coronavirus cases continued to grow with a lot of new evidence emerging in Canada and around the world. It is continually changing, and we are monitoring that condition.

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