Carlors Cardeiro at New York las July 9, 2019, during the parade of champions
Carlors Cardeiro at New York last July 9, 2019, during the parade of champions

Carlos Cordeiro President of the American soccer Federation admitted on July 9; “US soccer female athletes deserve fair and equitable pay.”  He delivered this speech at a ceremony in New York, dedicated for honoring The United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) who are the new champions from the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

President Carlos Cordeiro, also calls on other federations around the world, including FIFA, to end gender-related wage discrimination in football. “I will continue to invest more than any other countries in the world, and I will continue to encourage others, including FIFA, to do the same.”

Parade of champions

In front of a jubilant crowd screaming and demanding equal pay for American women soccer team, Mr. Cordeiro gave this memorable speech.   This event begins with a parade in the city’s streets, called Parade of Champions, to celebrate the achievement of the American soccer team, recently championed in the 2019 World Cup.

During this celebration,  the world champions boarded a vehicle decorated with dignity for this purpose. They profited the opportunity to greet the crowd, who welcomed them friendly. Then he ended up with a meeting in front  of the City Hall, in  presence of the New York City mayor, Mr. Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray, the Governor of New York State, Mr. Cuomo, and the technical staff of the American football team, and finally, the most talented women’s football players in the world.

Megan Rapinoe on the podium in front of city hall during the parade of champions
Enthusiastic, Megan Rapinoe talks to the crowd during the parade of champions New York on July 9, 2019. Image/Odelin Casseus/short screen from CNN
The  wage disparity between male and female US Soccer teams

According to the New York Times, women players earn 40% of what their male counterparts earn.  But Mr. Cordeiro thinks that the United States is on the right track, and has always been on the right track, in the way it treats American footballers.  “We have invested more than any country in the World, and we will continue to invest more than any country in the World,” he added. Cordeiro took the opportunity to congratulate the American players who are beating record after record, four times world champions in the world cup. “No team in the world has ever achieved your feat,” he said.

He also highlighted the high level of the American team’s game. He mentioned the individual talent of some players: such as Morgan Rapinoe, the world’s gold ball, and Alex Morgan, this year’s silver ball.

 The performance of the USWNT

Mr. Carlos Cordeiro has highlighted the match in front of Thailand, which ended with a 12-0 trashing in favor of the United States Soccer Team. Then the other crucial game in the team’s progress towards the World Cup final. The one played in front of the host team. The French team played in front of its audience, in a stadium she knows well, and the American team arrived to make the difference.

Finally, Mr. Carlos has congratulated the team’s technical staff, who did a remarkable job.  Coach Mrs. Jillian Anne Ellis three times consecutive world champion, a feat no coach male or female has ever done before. Primarily since competed against coaches, most of them are males. However, she has been able to prove that she is not only able to do what these men do, but she can do it better than they do. This performance demonstrates women deserve equal treatment with men for the same work done.

The critical point of Mr. Cordiero

The most expected of his statement was when he says, from now in the United States, female players will have equal bonuses than their counterparts men.  He added further: “I encourage others, including my friends of  FIFA, to do the same.”  It was the crowd’s turn to shout in chorus USA equal pay, USA equal pay….. Etc.

We have to remember that the American Soccer Federation is not the first Federation in the world to establish a fair wage policy for her male and female teams. Just recently, Australia threw the first stone. They even passed a law in the Australian Parliament to strengthen this decision.