Washington Wizards v/s Denver Nuggets January 25, 2011

Carmelo Anthony has started every game of his 15 year NBA career, and he doesn’t plan on having that fact change.

Since Anthony recently agreed to join the Houston Rockets, many have speculated that the 10-time All-Star would take on a new role which would displace him from the starting lineup. However, it seems that Anthony isn’t ready to accept such a designation at this point in his career.

Anthony stated:

“I know how to play this game of basketball. I’ve been playing it for a long time. When I feel like I’m ready to take that role, then I’ll take that role. Only I know when it’s best for me to take that role. I’m not going to do that in a situation where I still know my capabilities and what I can do. And at the end of the day, the people who really matter know my capabilities and what I can still do. You start getting to the media and debates, it’s going to always be kind of back-and-forth.”

This isn’t the first time that these rumors have popped up. There was talk that Melo could be the 6th man for the Thunder after being traded to the team by the Knicks, and he found that notion comical.

This has reminded some fans of another former NBA superstar who publicly spoke out about not being in the starting lineup named Allen Iverson.

Anthony is refusing to accept the fact that his best days are behind him, and that his team might benefit from him leading the second unit. James Harden and Chris Paul, two prolific scorers, are already in the Rockets starting lineup. Throwing Anthony into the mix could limit the team’s opportunity to score collectively. However, if Anthony were to accept a bench role, he would get touches without having to sacrifice possessions as he would as a starter.

Whatever the case may be, this decision should be up to the coaching staff.

Featured Image via Flickr/Keith Allison