CEO of Twitch Apologized to Ninja For Pornography On The Channel

Online videos and their streaming platforms have emerged as one of the most popular mediums of entertainment in the modern world. Twitch is surely one of those platforms that have earned popularity over the years. The recent controversy between Twitch and Ninja has taken the world by surprise.

Ninja reportedly accused Twitch of replacing a content page with millions of followers with a pornographic video which appeared on the top of the page. Ninja expressed its discontent with a word as strong as “disgusted”.

The incident took place after the games streaming platform owned by Amazon decided to list down the streams that have gained maximum popularity in the fortnight on Ninja’s page.

Since popularity was the parameter for the ordering, the videos with most viewers tended to appear on the top. This is when the pornographic channel popped up to the first position doubling people’s curiosity.

Category listing and popular choice lists are quite common these days. No one could have even suspected something like this to have happened until it really did. The entire group of people associated, including streamers and video channel pages, got shaken besides receiving a warning for staying alert.

Steps Taken

To balance the situation, the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear apologized following the removal of the controversial account. Emmett further added that the content that turned the terms bitter between Twitch and Ninja was a gross violation of the Terms of Service. Twitch has suspended the disputed account permanently and is not recommending any other channel on the Ninja page until the real reason behind the appearance of such content gets unveiled.

The Ninja reaction

Following the sorry state of affairs, Ninja published a video where it expressed its grief and disgust for everything that has happened further adding that a mixer is now getting streamed which features a pornographic account based on the highest number of recommendations. Ninja said that he had nothing to do with it directly. To make the situation better, Ninja further added that they were working to take the whole channel down initially and then they would not promote other channels or streamers on the platform anymore. He apologized to all those who had to watch the perverted content. Ninja assured viewers that such content would never appear on its page again.