Chicago Officers Will be Fired

Chicago has been all over the news in recent months. Many people in the city have been battling the police force’s tactics and calling for an end to police brutality in the city. It seems that these protesters might finally be getting what they’re asking for. According to CNN, the police department of the city is finally taking steps to have the officers involved in the shooting of Laquan McDonald fired.

Videos were released of the shooting of McDonald in 2014. In this footage, the officers involved in the incident can be seen using questionable tactics that shocked and appalled many people in the city and all over the United States. After the 17-year-old’s death, people were calling for the officers to be fired and charged with murder. Throughout these demands, the police department of the city has assured the public that they’re making reforms and investigating the incident.

As the investigation has continued, the officers seem to be guilty of more than just not following proper protocol. CNN also reports that the investigators have found that these officers lied in interviews and influenced interviews of other witnesses. This news along with the startling footage has lead to the motion of firing the officers. Five of the six could be losing their jobs very soon while one man involved has already chosen to retire.

Though this is a start to reform, many people want more to be done. People of the city feel as though these cops murdered McDonald and want them to go to trial for it. Others are not satisfied that it has taken so long to get these men out of their positions.

Police brutality is a hot-button issue in the US right now. With many people dying at the hand of the police, citizens continue to wonder who could be next.

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