China To Provide Coronavirus Vaccines Free Of Charge

China To Provide Coronavirus Vaccines Free Of Charge
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Authorities in China stated on Saturday that they will provide coronavirus vaccines free of charge once they become available to the public. Zheng Zhongwei, the National Health Commission of China, said that even though there are logistical and development charges of the vaccine, the government can provide free shots to the public.

In December, the Chines health officials approved its first coronavirus vaccines for general use. Besides that, the government had already given three shots to the people most vulnerable to the respiratory disease, including the frontline health workers. But in late-December widened its vaccination drive such as workers in transport and food industries, in a bid to curb the new infections in spring and winter.


The official from the National Health Commission of China stated that these vaccinations would also be free for the general public. Zeng told the media reporters that there were complaints that few local governments had charged the residents for the vaccination, but the authorities took immediate action, and the local governments have since implemented the national free vaccination policy.

He further added that Chinese officials have so far administered more than nine million vaccines and said that as many as seven million were administered since mid-December. The health commission officials stated that as many as 140,000 people were given shots in the Hebei province as part of Beijing’s schemes of targeting specific groups with high infection rates.

Besides, Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei, has now become the new hotspot for the transmission of respiratory disease. In a bid to curb the surge in the new infections, the local authorities in the city banned public transport. Cui Gang, another official of the National Health Commission, said that the authorities in Hebei should ramp up their vaccination drive for key groups immediately.

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