Chinese Adviser says U.S. and China Tensions May Continue with Biden Presidency

In an interview around the Understanding China conference in Guangzhou which commenced recently on Nov 21, Zheng commented on the future of U.S. and China relations as Biden takes power.

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Chinese government adviser Zheng Yongnian has stated that Beijing must be prepared for a tough stance from Washington, given the newly elected president of U.S. ‘Joe Biden’ may also make things worse for U.S. and China relationships. ‘Zheng Yongnian’ is a political scientist, currently Dean of Advanced Institute of Global and Contemporary China Studies.

Biden against China can worsen the U.S. and China Cold War

Citing that Biden’s campaigning statements on China before the elections were indicative of Biden’s take against Chinese policies, he said;

“The good old days are over… the Cold War hawks in the US have been in a highly mobilized state for several years, and they will not disappear overnight.”

Zheng Yongnian U.S. and China
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During the election campaign, Joe Biden took a tough line on China, calling Xi Jinping a “thug”. Zheng also said that Biden may take advantage of the already existing public resentment towards China. Zheng called Biden ‘a very weak president’, stating that there is very little that the latter can do to enhance the American Society in his country. He may therefore turn towards sorting out diplomatic issues and may take action against China. He asked the people to drop the illusion that Biden’s presidency will improve the U.S. and China relationship, and said that it may further worsen the bilateral relations between the two. Biden unlike Trump is inclined towards promoting Democracy and Freedom, and China may be on the receiving end of this.

The deterioration of the U.S. and China Affairs

The US has slammed China with around 300 separate bills until now, which were passed in agreement by both the Republicans and the Congress. The bills include the 2 most important issues i.e. Hong-Kong Pro-Democracy and Xinjiang. China’s supreme control upon Hong-Kong vs. the movements by Hong-Kong Pro-Democracy leaders contributed highly towards the increasing friction between the U.S.-China governments.

Hong-Kong Protests

While the U.S. supported the Hong-Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement and protection of their rights, China was defensive to call out the former as intruding into China’s Domestic affairs. Biden’s election campaign also hinted at calling out China for its repressive policies in Xinjiang.

Zheng advised the Chinese government to use every opportunity to mend ties with the Biden-governed U.S. government. He also specified that with the latest RCEP signed between 15 countries, the U.S. cannot set up a collective trade front against China.

Trump and Xi
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Besides the above issues, President Trump has condemned China’s mishandling of COVID-19, as Trump has blamed the latter for the outbreak which is taking a huge toll on American lives.


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