Chinese Racism- China Faces Diplomatic Crisis Amid Accusations of Conspiring With the WHO

Chinese Racism
The WHO director speaks out against racial segregation. Twitter Images

What appeared to be a racist crackdown that saw the throwout of the African people on the streets in China, has shocked the world. It began on Tuesday and has angered many residents of Guangzhou’s African community.

The hotel and apartment owners threw out Africans to the streets. Despite their pleas that they had duly paid their rents, the Chinese authorities reject the claims. But more videos from China reveal how Chinese police dehumanize Nigerians and other Africans. The Chinese confiscated their passports and now they have nowhere to go. No hotel welcomes them and restaurants in China discriminate against them. In the past days, several Africans have been moving on the streets, living rough in the dark. The WHO director speaks out against Chinese racism.


Message to the Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

The Former African Union Ambassador for the U.S.A, H. E. Arikana Chihombori-Quao sends a message to the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, addressing the Chinese racial abuse against Africans.

The government of Nigeria questions the Chinese Ambassador why China is segregating Africans and he feigns ignorance like many other Chinese citizens when asked. They view their activities as normal and racial-free. Many Chinese citizens are claiming that Americans are the ones practicing the racism in China since it is McDonald’s, an American restaurant in China is prohibiting Africans from eating there. Is it the McDonalds restaurant that evicted the Africans from their houses? It seems Chinese are experts at curving blame on other countries, that is to say, the COVID-19 pandemic, and their racists’ actions rather than taking responsibility.

Reacting to Chinese Racism, African States Threaten to Kick the Chinese Out 

Africa is an extremely rich continent, with leaders who rely on foreign aid to exploit the continent’s resources at the expense of their citizen’s livelihood. China has enjoyed those benefits, leaving the continent in debt. What will happen to China’s economy without Africa? Africa is a hospitable racist-free continent and no foreigner should take that for granted. Many Africans know China is not only after resources and land, but to also conquer the continent through their insidious aid.  Now there are videos showing some African countries on the verge of reciprocating exactly what the Chinese are doing.

Provoking Africans has now led to violence and retaliation against the Chinese in the African continent. Officials of the Kenyan government denounced ethnic violence in Kibra slum, Nairobi, after the coronavirus pandemic. In one footage, Kibra residents verbally attack a Chinese man and woman, charging at the couple as carriers of the deadly coronavirus.

The Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Amb. Macharia Kamau on Monday claimed that, as stated in Article 27 of the Constitution and National Cohesion and Integration Act No 12 of 2008, the offenders will be subject to the anti-Hate Law of Kenya. 

An irritated Nigeria Consulate-General diplomat in Guangzhou reaffirmed the Chinese who were discriminating against his countrymen that the latest coronavirus epidemic had started in Wuhan, not in the foreign community. 

The WHO Accused of Lying in Bed with China at the Cost of Other Nations

The World Health Organisation and Communist China, Peter Gleeson said, “were caught in a conspiracy to overlook the effects of the coronavirus in its early stages.” The WHO is “an iconic example,” of the United Nations organization that has “been subject to aggressive Chinese invasion” in recent years, said Michael Shoebridge from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. From its recent decision to avoid calling the virus a global pandemic, the WHO has been criticized for its reaction to the coronavirus problem.

The WHO lauded it to China following its first cover-up of the epidemic. Mr. Shoebridge said the world “under-invested” in the WHO, that is, “China has bought the WHO cheaply, and is now utilizing it for its political and strategic objectives.” “What we have perceived from WHO, since the genesis of a COVID pandemic it has been functioning like a rear-view mirror rather than bright beam headlights,” he added. “I hope we’d be pleased to understand why the WHO is the planet’s high-beam headlights to both prevent and control pandemics.

The Chinese Wet Market

Lately, the WHO has also been criticized extensively for having dismissed world leaders’ dire demands to prohibit Chinese animal markets. These markets are known to be responsible for the deadly coronavirus which has claimed many lives. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization protected the wet markets in China and urged a reopening of the Wuhan market. The WHO said, “It is important to provide healthy food offered in the wet markets with adequate supervision and sufficient hygiene.”

The Chinese wet markets are critical for the pandemic triggered by the lethal coronavirus in Wuhan. They slaughter and sell uncommon and endangered species as food in these markets. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has opposed China’s move to re-open wet markets despite a World Health Organization endorsement.


Coronavirus-Led Racism: Chinese Chase Africans Onto The Streets

China Faces Embarrassment As Spain Returns All The Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits.

Besides the USA, Australia Withdraws from Funding WHO

“Following the spread of the lethal coronavirus pandemic in China, Australia has publicly withheld financial funding from the World Health Organization,” Gleeson added. Mr. Gleeson said Australia will have to withhold its financial assistance to avoid the WHO wasting its resources ‘covering up the disgraceful fiasco of Chinese coronavirus.’ “If the planet cannot rely on the World Health organization for reliable, effective and productive recommendations on issues like pandemics, why have it? “He said.

Australia needs to play hardball with the WHO, Mr. Sharma commented. The WHO appears incapable of performing its job to the environmental and economic devastation of this pandemic. Australia was set to supply the WHO with 16 million through financing in 2021. The MP Dave Sharma suggests Australia to “moderate the continued sponsorship of the World Health organization.” Meanwhile, Australia wants the US to pursue “drastic changes” in the World Health Organization (WHO). He adds that “it’s in our interest” to fall in line and press with improvement alongside America.

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