Chorus introduces a social layer for meditation

Chorus has introduced an amazing social experience through online classes that help people to cope with stress through meditation, however, the company hasn’t introduced its original app.



chorus introduces online meditation

Chorus introduced its amazing social experience on 16 March 2020, which is interesting because the same day seven public health departments introduced a shelter-in-place in California.

2020 didn’t go according to the plans of the company. However, the users can choose several other meditation services. The top of the list includes Headspace and Meditation. However, the category is quite popular, as several users use technology to help with stress.

Chorus already had great success with the in-person events. Moreover, the co-founder, Ali Abramovitz stated, “Originally, we had a feeling that it would be an on-ramp for several users because it gave an immersive experience.”

The company still has to introduce an original app. Currently, they are introducing a web portal for sign-ups, However, the main classes are conducted over Zoom. It will be just like the setup which the personal trainers and gyms used during the pandemic. Zoom recently shut down accounts at the request of the Chinese government.


online fitness gym

Abramovitz states, “We are tackling a two-phased problem. Originally, we thought that we are introducing a meditation experience for people who find meditation quite challenging. The thing we have learned is that what keeps people coming is the fact that they consider it is a way to connect with one another.”

This experience is just like the virtual experience which you would obtain from an in-person class, like the engagements which you would have with the other attendees after the class. In a period of complete social isolation, it makes sense why people would be involved with this aspect.

Regarding the fact that what different experiences would seem like in the post-pandemic world, the company has plans to adapt to meet the user’s needs.

Abramovitz says, “You can consider us an experienced company. We are here for all those people who find traditional meditation quite difficult. We deliver it through different platforms to give the best experience to our community. Currently, it’s just an app. Looking towards the future, it could be the hardware devices, such as Pelton for the community. However, our main focus is the digital world for now.”




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