Columbia has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the issues going on with a rebel organization in the nation. Recent news of a peaceful arrangement has many talking about how the agreement will positively affect the country. According to BBC News, the president of Columbia is speaking about how he expects an economic boost from this new arrangement. The news has people hopeful for the future of the nation.

This news arose early Monday morning. BBC News is reporting that the President Juan Manuel Santos is happy about the peace arrangements. The deal is set to be signed some time on Monday. The leader says that the agreement the government was able to come to with the Farc rebel group will boost the countries economy because war is always very costly for all parties involved. The arrangement allows the nation to regroup, refocus, and spend funds on other areas of the nation that need attention and financial support.

Though the news of this new arrangement is going to have some positive aspects, Columbia is going to need time to fully recover from the conflict. BBC News is also reporting that the war between the nation and the rebels has been going on for several decades. Though the change will allow the nation and its economy to regroup and grow, the change will take months to have significant impacts. BBC News is also reporting that President Santos and other government officials are hoping the end of the war will me restoration of some of the core values of Columbia.

War and conflict of any kind can have a very drastic affect on people of a country. The effects not only hurt the parties making the decisions, but they also harm the people of the nation who must suffer from the fighting. As Columbia moves forward with their peace efforts, one can only hope other nations can do the same.