Columbia Peace Deal is Officially Signed

Years of fighting and turmoil are finally coming to and end for one nation. According to BBC News, the peace deal between the Colombian government and the Farc rebels has officially been signed. This event marks a historic moment for the nation.

Earlier in the week, officials spoke about the president of Columbia and his hopes for the end result of the signing of the peace agreement. BBC News is reporting that President Santos as well as the rebel leader, known as Timochenko, are bringing an end to almost five decades of fighting in the nation. Officials report that over 5 million people were uprooted over the course of the war and 260,000 people were killed. Not only has the conflict brought much physical, emotional, and mental strain on the country, but it also has had a toll on the financial state of the nation as well.

CNN is also reporting that the ceremony was a very symbolic and moving moment. The president, Timochenko, as well as all guests who attended, wore white to symbolize the new era of peace they were trying to usher in. Major world leaders were in attendance to support the nation in their steps forward. One of these notable guests was the UN- Secretary General. CNN also states that the families and victims of kidnappings and other tragedies at the hands of the Farc rebels were also in attendance at the ceremony.

Columbia is finally getting the chance to move into a time of peace and rebirth. The nation not only has the potential to move forward and move on from decades of war and conflict, but the nation can now also look into growing and expanding in new ways. This signing should be an example for all nations dealing with global or civil war all across the world.

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