Companies gave rushed to replace the gym at CES

In June, Lululemon announced that it has planned to acquire Mirror for $500 million, however, its competitors saw a 7x increase in sales.

Companies replace gym at CES

This year, the first-ever all-virtual CES, was the year of the virtual gym.

Many fitness startups have seen a windfall in all of this.

Lululemon announced that it plans to acquire Mirror for $500 million, while competitors like Tonal saw a 7x increase in sales for the year. In December, Apple launched Fitness+, its own on-demand service designed to take on Pelotons of the world.

Perhaps, the biggest name which has entered the market at the CES is Samsung. The electronics giants announced Smart Trainer, which is an addition to its growing fitness line. The authorities have designed the system for Samsung’s Smart TVs through a webcam to track exercises.

Ultrahuman is another video making platform that has made its debut its week. Recently, the startup raised around $8 million round. Like Fitness+, its biotracking is made around Apple Watch, which shows the heart rate and the calories burned among several other metrics. Recently, Apple released Apple Watch Series 5.

Appl Watch

The top partners include celebrities and athletes like Crossfit champion fitness celebrity Amanda Cerny, Kara Saunders, coach Jonathan Bart, coach Jonathan Bartt, Mindsize CEO Christian Straka to name some. It is also available on Android devices and IOS, the app integrates biofeedback through its AppleWatch integration biofeedback through its Apple Watch integration to improve the efficacy of workouts and meditation. Compared to Headspace’s celebrity content approach.

These services set themselves apart from the likes of Peloton, Mirror, and the more new offerings from the Nordic Track.

These heavy exercise equipment will lower the entry barrier. The fact is the demand will decrease when people feel more comfortable going to the gym. Moreover, this will certainly shake out the industry to some extent.

However, once people unlock home fitness secrets, they may never likely want to visit the gym again.

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