Coronavirus-led Racism: Chinese Chase Africans onto the Streets

The Chinese should stop racism acts.
The Chinese should stop racism acts and the world will stop calling the virus Chinese. Twitter Image...

Besides the coronavirus, other forms of viruses have attacked the human race: virus of hatred and racism. The Chinese attacked Africans, evicting them from their hotel rooms and subjecting them to the life of street beggars in China.

A time when peace and unity should reign, racism and indifference have raised their ugly heads. The pandemic should have united all races, but instead, it has generated chaos, panic, and fear all over the globe.

For the first time in history, almost all governments believe in the controversial idea “divided we stand, united we fall” as isolation bites. All countries are seemingly fighting the COVID-19 battle the best way they can. However, mob justice is the order of the day. Are the nations’ leaders going to sit back and watch humans rip themselves apart?

The Chinese
The Chinese amid COVID-19 segregate Africans. Twitter Images

Black or white, Asian or American, African or European, the fact remains, they are all humans. All countries are now facing racism and hatred for one reason or another. Stories all over social media are showing Americans against Asians, Africans against Asians, Europeans against Asians, the UAE against Africans, Asians against Africans, the list is unending. The coronavirus now has the license to rip humans of the love they are supposed to show one another.

Social media has played a role in sowing seeds of fear and hatred among humans of all races. Several media platforms have published videos of racist activities all over the world. One such video depicts a Chinese couple with coronavirus was insulted in Kenya. Dubai deported many Ugandans they suspected of contracting the coronavirus. Australians chase all non-citizens out of their country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and so on. Racism is now reciprocated, nation against nation in a seemingly endless battle.

Are Africans becoming the Chinese Scapegoat to Vent their Anger for the COVID-19 Accusations?

Recently, Chinese regional health authorities have forced Kenyan citizens and many Africans out of their hotels during the research program for the COVID-19 in China. They have been living in Guangdong, China, for some time. Several Kenyans now reside on the streets, relying on the passers-by for fundamental needs, since ethnic inequality amid the coronavirus pandemic has increased. The confirmation is that Chinese police are expelling them and withdrawing their legal documents.

The Chinese now claim that Africans are the ones spreading the virus, which started in Wuhan, China. Among those affected are African scholars and entrepreneurs suspected of the virus infection. Although several Africans claimed they did not test them at all, others said the Chinese sent them into quarantine without knowing the results of their screening. Speaker Zhao Lijian of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry rejected these arguments on Friday that they handle all foreign citizens fairly in China, yet, videos show otherwise.

“We reject differential treatment, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. The world is taking measures to contain the pandemic,” he said. “We urge relevant authorities to improve their work. I hope all foreigners in China will strictly observe local anti-epidemic regulations, cooperate with and support us in fighting the virus.”

He emphasized that his administration pays careful attention to the events and misconceptions in this phase. The victims approached the Kenyan embassy representatives in China for assistance, but their appeals have been dismissed.

Racism at its Peak

The residents of Kenya are now appealing for support from their home government to help them go back home, thus escape oppression from Chinese civilians. The Chinese claim the second epidemic of Coronavirus infections is emerging and that the freshly contaminated Africans are at fault. The Nigerian COVID-19 patient who reportedly assaulted a Chinese nurse this week, trying to leave the hospital, fueled the deep-rooted discrimination towards Africans. When the Chinese police forced Africans from the neighborhood of “Little Africa,” a massive immigrant group, a Chinese social networking forum became a source of violent and discriminatory speech against Africans.


The Chinese, on a social platform, described Africans with a call for compulsory deportations, as unclean, lazy, drug addicts, and thieves. The lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, ended on Wednesday. However, in the northern part of China, the second phase of the coronavirus infection has hampered people’s daily activities. China maintains stringent testing procedures against any revival of internal transmissions from coronavirus carriers with no signs and infected visitors from abroad. There was a record of 123 coronavirus cases and 137 untreatable cases as of April 9, according to the State-Run People’s Daily.

Let Love Lead

If hatred ruled the world, the human species would be extinct today. Despite the differences in cultural, economic, religious, racial, geographical, academic, and social background, nothing will ever change the fact that we are all humans with equal rights, colored or not. Racism is not about color; it’s a mental condition. Let love lead because whether white or black, color matters not, and concentrating on it is time-wasting. One’s heart is black if they choose to do to others what they don’t want to be done to them. 

Should foreigners in different countries around the globe go back to their homes? No battle is won independently. Whether they manufactured it or it came naturally, COVID-19 is the common enemy. Killing and branding one another will not stop COVID-19 from spreading. It is neither a “Chinese virus” nor “Kung flu,” as many are branding it to instill hatred. It is a virus of fear that has come into this world to take our loved ones, our peace, and joy, our daily jobs, and activities. Whether you are the accused or the accuser, choose to do the right thing or let the virus continue leveling all humans to nothingness till extinction.

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