Coronavirus outbreak: James bond release delayed

70000 cinemas are closed in China, South Korea, and Japan.

Coronavirus outbreak James bond release delayed

The effect of Coronavirus outbreak has reached Hollywood, and as a result, Daniel Craig’s swansong as James Bond release faced delay. It is the first major film that has fallen foul of the Coronavirus outbreak. Along with this, No Time To Die has also delayed by long seven months. We will probably watch this film in November 2020. The film industry has taken this kind of decision, and are waiting for fast recovery. Panic and physical suffering are not letting people concentrate on other things right now. China has been facing harsh scenes of this Coronavirus outbreak. Nearly one lakh people are suffering from covid-19, and already more than three thousand people died all over the world due to Coronavirus infection.

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Why have they taken this kind of decision?

According to the recent updates, Bond producers did not mention specifically that the Coronavirus is the main reason for this delay. But MGM added, “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”.

Are these words referring to Coronavirus?

Yes! We need to look at what is happening in the entire world. Most probably, this film is going to be the first big global blockbuster of the season. This film will earn two-thirds of its money outside of the United States. And it is a worldwide business. Siobhan Synott, a famous film critic, said, This is a question of economics. The promotional work was well underway, we already had the title song released in February, but now it’s all on hold.” Other major film studios stagger when it comes to releasing movies throughout the year. MGM is heavily reliant on James Bond. And it also depends on its financial success.

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Which films are going to be affected?

Deadlines’ Anthony D’Alessandro said, “At this very minute in major studio distribution huddles across town, there’s war-room talk of what major event pictures could potentially move in the next three months as executives try to assess Coronavirus’ impact at the global box office.”

The next scheduled blockbusters are Disney and Marvel’s Black Widow and Universal’s ninth film in the first and furious franchise, F9. Both of these will be released in May.

Louise Tutt, Screen International’s deputy editor, said that he thinks that distributors and the studios are regularly monitoring every situation, and everything can get changed again. It is not predictable.

In June, there are two major releases, such as computer-animated Scooby-Doo adventure Scoob and Wonder Woman 1984, and these two belong to Warner brothers.

In order to avoid competition, film schedules are arranged in advance. If one film gets delayed, it will create a major backlog of major releases. A major number of releases have been delayed in China. Since January, 70000 cinemas have been closed in China, Japan, and South Korea.

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