Coronavirus: Spain Eases Lockdown, Allows Outdoor Exercises

Spanish adults are jogging and cycling again for the first time after seven weeks of coronavirus lockdown.

spain allows outdoor exercises

After seven weeks of coronavirus lockdown, the Spanish government has allowed residents to go for exercises and cycling. The lockdown that was one of Europe’s strictest has been eased for minors and children last week. However, the time for outdoor exercises remains limited yet.

The government has issued time slots for outdoor exercises under which adults can play and exercise from 6 to 10, while children 20:00 to 23:00. The coronavirus fatality rate in the country also fell significantly; it has a total of 24,823 deaths as of Saturday.

Italy has the highest death toll in Europe, followed by the UK and Spain. In the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, people are relieved and happy after going outdoors for exercise and cycling. Though since March, residents have been allowed to go out and buy essential groceries and food.

Spain was the only country that did not allow children less than 14 years of old to go outdoors until last week. The government has allowed the children to visit outdoors from 12:00 to 19:00, albeit accompanied by adults. Despite the easing of restrictions, many people are reluctant to go out.


Meanwhile, other European countries are also easing their lockdown restrictions, though the social distancing recommendations remain in place for public safety. Many countries have made face masks mandatory in public places and transport.

In Austria, small shops and businesses could reopen two weeks ago. But the government has now allowed all the shops and businesses to reopen, including hairdressers, beauty salons, and restaurants. The Hungarian government has also allowed essential business travel from abroad.

Germany, which has been praised for its response globally, has allowed reopening museums, churches, and schools from Monday. Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister, has also outlined his plans to reopen the economic activity in the country.

All the workers and builders are expected to return to their jobs from May 18, hardware and DIY shops will also be allowed to reopen. Varadkar said that from the announced date, people would be allowed to visit their loved ones, gather outdoor in small numbers, and sporting activities will also be allowed in May.

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