Coronavirus Threat: NI economy experiencing the ‘fastest and deepest’ downfall ever

  • Corona threat is showing its crude impact on the economy of Northern Ireland
  • Ulster Bank’s Richard Ramsey revealed the serious condition of the economy after the March Bank survey
  • The services sector is witnessing the maximum decline in the NI economy
Coronavirus Threat NI economy it experiencing the 'fastest and deepest' downfall ever

Not only life but also the economy of many nations are now at risk because of the coronavirus. One such country is Ireland. The economy of Northern Ireland is facing the “fastest and deepest” decline of a lifetime, as informed by the economist of Ulster Bank.

Corona Effect impacted the economy of Ireland- The nation can already feel it

The coronavirus shattered the global economy so severely that many nations like Ireland are facing its tremor. While giving statements after Ulster Bank’s survey on monthly results revealed the steepest downfall in performance Richard Ramsey said that Ireland is experiencing “fastest and deepest” fall in the economy. The March review of the bank revealed a collapse in activity, showing the scope that April is on the way to show a severely worse result.

He further mentioned that It is important to point out the fact that almost 80% of the respondents belonging to Northern Ireland replied well before the announcement made by the prime minister about the full lockdown of the UK on 23 March. He added that the survey of April Is going to be the first full month in which economies of both the UK and Northern Ireland, along with the Republic of Ireland, will remain under complete full lockdown status. So, the speed of contraction will increase further to hit a new low record.

The rate of the economic downfall of NI is Alarming:

As per the natural process every month, the bank remains responsible for all businesses and essential things like new orders received, the volume of exports made and also about staffing. All such collected data further used for the creation of a numerical index reflecting readings that are more than 50, indicating expansion as well as those falling under 50 indicating contraction. This seasonally-adjusted index of business activity fell showed a drastic downfall. The fall was straight from 46.5 recorded in February 2020 to 29.1 in March. Mr. Ramsey mentioned that majorly, it is only the industry of services that is showing the most serious rates of downfall. Taken into account what exactly happened with the localized hospitality sector, it can be said that perhaps it’s not so surprising. It will require data of several months before making the presentation of official data to reveal the impact caused to the economy due to the coronavirus crisis on the economy of Northern Ireland.

How will things fall in place, and what measures can be taken to restrict the decline of the economy? To get the answer, we need to wait and watch. All we can wish is an early recovery of the economy from coronavirus threat.

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