Cuba Placed Back On US Terrorism Sponsor List

In response, the government in Cuba called Washington’s move “political opportunism.”

Cuba Placed Back On US Terrorism Sponsor List
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The United States has placed Cuba on the list of terror financing, citing the Latin-American country of backing the regime in Venezuela. The key development comes just days before the incumbent administration is scheduled to leave the White House. In response, the government in Cuba called Washington’s move “political opportunism.”

Biden, who will assume the presidential office on January 20, had previously maintained that he wants to improve the US relations with other neighboring and regional countries. But experts suggest that the recent series of moves by the outgoing administrations is likely to hurt the incoming administration’s foreign policy goals.


President-elect has also maintained that he is seeking to improve ties between the long-term rivals. However, the outgoing administration’s recent decision is likely to hamper President-elect’s plan to repair diplomatic relations between the two countries. But political experts suggest that Cuba’s place on the list of terrorism sponsors would require a review, which could take months.

In 2015, the Caribbean nation was removed from the list during Barrack Obama’s presidency, which tried to improve relations. However, on the other hand, the incumbent had taken a harder position towards the communist country. While referring to the decision, some government officials cited the country’s support for the Venezuelan regime.

On Monday, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement that the action aims to hold the Castro regime accountable for its support for international terrorism. Bruno Rodriguez, Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister, took to Twitter and responded that Cuba condemns the “hypocritical qualification” and “cynical” designation of Cuba on the list of terrorism sponsors.

A key Democrat Representative, Democrat Gregory Meeks called the decision another attempt by the Trump administration, trying to tie the Biden administration’s hands. President-elect plans to improve ties with the nation by taking steps like sending money and allowing Cuban-Americans to visit their families.

Since the 70s, the government in the US saw the communist nation as a big threat to the country and pursued numerous policies to undermine Cuba. But in 2015, under the Obama administration, the US sought to improve ties.

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