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This week the USA and NATO celebrated the 75th anniversary of allied action on Nazi-occupied France. The United States and allies allied concluded a D Day memorandum. They ensured the vision that events like World War 2 will never be repeated. At this event, the United States, Britain, Canada also emphasized on resolving the world conflicts peacefully. D Day memorandum also includes the importance of dialogues over war.

However, critics are terming this D Day memorandum as lip service. They claim that on one side the USA is a part of D Day proclamation. While on the other hand, President Trump is busy in a military buildup in the Persian Gulf. Recently the USA deployed warships and B-52 bombers in the Persian Gulf. War experts are terming these steps as dangerous for peace in the middle east.

In this week, President Trump again insisted that the USA does not want a war with Iran. However, He maintained that the USA will keep on strengthening its military presence in the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, last month USA president warned end of Iran and now the USA is urging for peaceful negotiations. In this scenario, D Day memorandum appears meaningless.

Apparently, the USA has strong and valid reservations on Iran’s support for terrorists and its nuclear program. These reservations are true to some extent. Saudi Arabia and Israel also keep on raising these issues. It seems that the USA wants to play psychological warfare against Iran. Regime change in Iran is not a viable option for the USA. Because the USA has already experienced failures after changing regimes in Iraq and Libya.

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Another issue that contradicts D Day memorandum is a Venezuela’s political crisis. At many points, the Trump administration signaled using military force in Venezuela. The USA does not want the socialist leader Nicolas Maduro to govern Venezuela. This is no doubt a clear violation of a sovereign state. However, until now the USA has shown restraint on Venezuela’s political crisis.

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If NATO allies really want an effective D Day memorandum they will have to stop the USA from using force against Iran and Venezuela. However, unfortunately, none of them seems serious. The European alliance in NATO has raised concerns on the escalating tensions between the USA and Iran. However, none of them took any serious step for de-escalation. Their silence and lip service will just add fuel to the fire.

In the past, every covert and direct operation from the USA is backed by NATO, alliance. In the Iraq war, main NATO allies like Germany and France opposed the war, but NATO provided covert support in this war. In the recent past, NATO allies covertly supported extremist elements in Syria to oust the dictator Asad. Recently France also its military to eradicate terrorism in Cameroon, Niger and other former colonies. If France opts for non-interference, many African problems will be resolved automatically.

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Similarly, NATO members never questioned the Hawkish approach of the USA towards China and Russia. All these members are united on military build up against Russia by deploying warships and missiles. Here Russia is also equally responsible for this mess. Its invasion in Ukraine created a sense of insecurity in Europe. That is why NATO is going for a military build-up to save its borders.

Despite some practical issues, D Day memorandum is a good event for maintaining peace and realizing the true potential of the NATO alliance. Now it depends on the member states whether they turn it into reality or it is just another lip service.