These days, maladies like salmonella, legionella and even bacterial infections from fruits, vegetables and meats seem to be spreading like wild fire. The problems with the produce have not yet been solved and a new problem seems to have arrived.

A very lethal Hogweed plant has been found in Michigan; health officials have found the plant in the Calhoun County of Michigan to be precise. The plant that was found in the Pennfield Township was immediately removed and discarded.

The dangers of this plant are that a simple touch of the plant can cause rashes and scarring on the skin that could probably last several years if the victim is lucky. Not only that, but a little bit of the sap of the plant in a person’s eye could cause permanent blindness.

The plant can grow to the height of eighteen feet and has a green stem and bristles with dark red or purple spots. Also, the plant can grow white flowers that look quite attractive.

Officials say that if one accidentally does touch the plant, wash off the area on the skin immediately. If the sap falls into the victims eyes, it is advised to flush the eyes with water and seek proper medical help immediately.

Image: Via Flickr/Hans Splinter