David Cameron: the unlikely return of the hoodie-hugging former PM

David Cameron: the unlikely return of the hoodie-hugging former PM

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the Brexit referendum to resolve internal conflicts within the Tory party, ultimately lost his position as a result. Cameron served as Prime Minister from 2010 to 2015 in a coalition government and then for another year with a Tory majority. However, after leading the Remain campaign to defeat, he quickly resigned from his position and left Parliament in embarrassment. In a surprising move, Cameron has now returned to the Cabinet as Foreign Secretary under Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle. Cameron was successful in rebuilding the Tories after significant election defeats by adopting a more socially liberal stance, famously advocating for a softer approach to social justice in his “hug a hoodie” speech. However, in recent years, he has become better known for his ownership of a luxurious shed and his involvement in a major lobbying scandal during the Covid pandemic. This appointment comes after Cameron repeatedly stated that he would not return to frontline politics and just weeks after he criticized Sunak for canceling HS2.Lord Cameron has expressed his desire to support Rishi Sunak in delivering security and prosperity for the UK. He believes in public service and has been motivated by it throughout his political career. Lord Cameron acknowledges the excellence of the UK’s diplomats, spies, and aid capabilities, and looks forward to working with James Cleverly in his new role. He is honored to serve alongside the dedicated FCDO staff and provide them with the leadership and support they deserve. Former Prime Minister Theresa May has praised Lord Cameron’s experience on the international stage, stating that it will be invaluable in his role as Foreign Secretary.

Lord Cameron became Tory leader in 2005, following unsuccessful attempts by Michael Howard and William Hague to return the party to power. He focused on modernizing the party and widening its appeal, as seen in his “hug-a-hoodie” speech. While he did not advocate for cuddling criminals, he suggested a less hardline approach to law and order. Lord Cameron recognized that hoodies can be defensive rather than offensive for young people, allowing them to blend in and stay safe in dangerous environments. He believed that society’s response to hoodies reflected the lack of long-term solutions for youth culture in Britain.

This announcement comes after Lord Cameron repeatedly ruled out a return to frontline politics and criticized Rishi Sunak for scrapping HS2.Lord Cameron, who was the Prime Minister during a time of warmer Sino-British relations, has ruled out a return to frontline politics. This comes just weeks after he criticized Mr. Sunak for scrapping HS2. In his political retirement, Lord Cameron stayed largely out of the public eye, except for occasional appearances with his wife Samantha. He returned to his home in the Cotswolds and famously purchased a £25,000 shepherds hut to write his memoir. After resigning, he was given an £800,000 book deal. In 2010, Lord Cameron entered No10 alongside Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in the Coalition that ousted Labour’s Gordon Brown. Following the 2008 financial crash, they implemented a campaign of political austerity that continues to have consequences today. However, it was Europe that defined Lord Cameron’s political career. Amidst ongoing disputes within the Tories over EU membership, he decided to challenge the hardliners. He promised to hold a vote on the UK’s membership if he won the 2015 election and personally led the Remain campaign after his victory.The result of the Brexit referendum on June 24, with a vote of 52-48 in favor of leaving, marked the end of David Cameron’s premiership. Shortly after the result was announced, Cameron announced his resignation as Prime Minister, and by mid-September, he had left the House of Commons entirely.

Following his retirement from politics, Cameron largely stayed out of the public eye, only making occasional appearances. He returned to his home in the Cotswolds and gained attention for purchasing a £25,000 shepherds hut, which he used as a writing space for his memoir. His financial situation was secure, as he received an £800,000 book deal after resigning.

In addition to his writing endeavors, Cameron pursued a career in after-dinner speaking, reportedly earning up to £120,000 per hour. He also took on advisory roles in the private sector, including positions at the electronic payments firm First Data Corporation and the US genomics firm Illumina, specializing in genetic health research. In 2019, he became the head of the advisory board for the billion-pound US artificial intelligence firm Afiniti, where Princess Beatrice was also employed. Furthermore, Cameron was involved in a UK-China investment fund alongside PR veteran Lord Chadlington. He also held unpaid roles as president of Alzheimer’s Research UK and chairman of the National Citizen Service’s board of patrons.

However, it was Cameron’s involvement with Greensill Capital that caused him the most trouble. In March 2021, he faced an investigation over allegations of breaching lobbying rules by requesting emergency Covid loans for the firm. Text messages he had reportedly sent to Chancellor Rishi Sunak and senior civil servants were scrutinized. The registrar of consultant lobbyists, Harry Rich, conducted the investigation, but ultimately ruled that Cameron’s role with the financial services firm did not qualify as that of a lobbyist, and therefore, no rules had been broken.

The decision by the watchdog stated, “‘Based on detailed information and assurances provided, Mr. Cameron’s activities do not fall within the criteria that require registration on the Register of Consultant Lobbyists.”

Overall, despite the controversies surrounding his post-political career, David Cameron is unlikely to return to the forefront of politics, as he has stated in interviews that he rules out a comeback and believes it should not happen, despite his love for the UK.Former Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of using his position to lobby for Greensill Capital, a finance firm that recently collapsed. It is alleged that Cameron sent text messages to Chancellor Rishi Sunak in an attempt to secure government-backed funding for the company. He also reportedly approached the Bank of England about Greensill. However, Sunak ignored most of the messages and directed Cameron to senior Treasury officials. The Transparency of Lobbying Act prohibits individuals who are not registered lobbyists from directly lobbying ministers or senior civil servants. However, those lobbying on behalf of their own organization are exempt from this requirement. The watchdog overseeing lobbying activities has received assurances from Cameron that his contact with government officials was made in his capacity as an employee of Greensill. Greensill was a major financial supporter of Liberty Steel, which owns multiple plants in the UK and employs thousands of people.

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