Every big company faces scandals from time to time. Google is facing a serious scandal these days. The Department of Justice has started an investigation into Google’s businesses and search engines. They are also looking deeply into the services Google provides. The Department of Justice spent the last two weeks preparing for this investigation. The New York Times and the Washington Post, both confirm this story.

The exact case isn’t yet clear. The Department of Justice began looking into this problem, after an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission. DOJ took the lead in the case and investigated some anonymous people, which made things more interesting.

Google shouldn’t take this investigation lightly. It can threaten Google’s supremacy in the digital world. Its position in search, advertising, and Android mobiles could be damaged. The data-hungry search on Google has caught the attention of Democrats and Republicans who are of the view that Google has become too big and it should be broken up.

The Federal Trade Commission brought a case against Google in 2011 regarding placing cookies in Apple’s browser. The case closed eventually and Google had to pay $22.5 million civil penalties. In 2013, the FTC again looked into the antitrust violations of Google. However, FTC didn’t take any action. These days, the DOJ is looking into larger antitrust issues of the company.

If you think that these penalties are severe, see these penalties of the European Union. The European Union has fined Google billions of dollars in three cases relating to the Android operating system, Google searches and customer sign-up contracts. The EU fine on Google amounts to $9.3 billion.

Google’s position in the States:

Although the European Union has fined Google, it enjoys a good reputation in the U.S.A. In fact, Google has become one of the biggest advertising and digital businesses, along with Facebook. Google has also enjoyed a dominant position in the Android mobile market, web browsers and emails. This is the major reason why politicians target it to get into power. The most prominent example of this is Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Google hasn’t been blamed for the Russian interference in the U.S. elections. The reason is that it doesn’t operate any traditional social media platform, unlike Facebook and Twitter. However, Google has faced its fair share of controversies, like child exploitation on YouTube, working with the Pentagon, unethical artificial intelligence searches, Gmail and chrome violations.

Although none of these issues are serious, they have created an atmosphere of mistrust. Now people have started questioning the AI privacy, and the general overreach of Google. People want to know how much Google knows about them. This has also created mistrust between Washington and the digital industry. Once, they used to be allies, but they no longer trust each other.

Google has also become a target of conservatives who say that YouTube and Google searches have a bias against the Republicans. President Trump was also of the view that Google interfered in the 2016 elections. There is no sound argument to support this blame. However, Google had to answer in front of Congress, where its ‘biasness’ was the main topic of discussion.

The Department of Justice has launched a full-fledged investigation into Google. The DOJ has been going after tech companies lately. It recently raised concerns on the fusion of T-Mobile and Sprint. It also challenged the AT and T’s purchasing Time Warner.

The European Union had taken issue with the tech giant, regarding their product listings, and the way the digital expansion of the Company is invading the privacy of people. So, I think that the DOJ will follow along the same lines when it launches a full-fledged anti-trust investigation against Google. This scandal can affect Google’s supremacy in the Digital World.