Deployment of Police Robot for Lock-down Patrolling Amid Coronavirus

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Due to coronavirus, the whole world is in the state of lockdown. The public is supposed to sit in their homes. So that the spread of coronavirus can be stopped, Doctors, nurses, army, and police can do nothing if the public will not support them. Every country has adopted its own policy to make the lockdown successful. For example, Russia has used lions that are wandering in the streets. So the people do not come out of their homes.

Moreover, its president has announced that if the people come out of their homes without any logical reason, they will be arrested. They will be put in jail for eight years. So due to this fear, people follow the lockdown. But if there is no policy like that, people will not follow the lockdown at all. They will move out of their houses bluntly.

Introduction to Robot

Now, as far as Tunisia is concerned, a police robot has been manufactured to wander in the areas to ensure that the people are not going out of their homes without any reason. If this robot finds anyone who is walking in the largely barren and deserted, it goes to the person and questions him why he is out. Then, the person has to show his identity card and other documents and paper to the camera of the robot, which is then automatically checked by the officers who are sitting in front of the cameras. Then if the person is moving out without any reason, he is charged then. So far, 14 people have been killed by the coronavirus in Tunisia. In this lockdown, people are not allowed to go outside only if they have some medical reason or have to buy some necessities. North Africa now has 436 people who are being treated for coronavirus disease.

Working of Robot

As far as the number of the robot which is manufactured is concerned, it is not clear how much robots have been manufactured by Tunisia. These robots are known as PGuards. It has a thermal imaging camera-based function. It works on LADAR technology.

Manufacturer of Robot

The robot was made by Enova Robotics. It did not reveal the price of the robot. The PGuard has four wheels. It works the same as RADAR but the difference is that it uses light waves only. A video was uploaded on Facebook in which it described that the robot is manufactured to implement the restrictions of being at home during the critical period of lockdown. Some of the people appreciated these robots. But some said that these are too slow to move. Many videos are on Facebook, in which it was depicted that the robot stops the people who are seen outside of their homes. The robot once stopped a person. He was asked the reason for being outside. He said that he was going to buy some cigarettes. Then, the robot replied that okay buy the cigarette and go home as soon as possible.

Robotic Technologies

Many private firms have bought these robots. Furthermore, a firm that has its headquarters in Sousse has produced a healthcare robot. This robot gives a diagnosis that is based on vision. The purpose of this robot is to lessen the physical contact between the patient and the doctor. In this time of crisis, robotic technology is being widely used as it has been used in China. Actually China has many disinfecting robots and many other useful gadgets to fight with coronavirus.

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