Tom Izzo, one of the most successful coaches in college basketball, has received interest from the Orlando Magic of the NBA for their head coaching vacancy. However, the storied coach has no desire to leave the Spartans for a job in the NBA.

The Magic have been underperforming in the recent past. They fired Frank Vogel after an abysmal 54-110 record and have shown no signs of improvement. It is understandable why Orlando would want to hire the former AP College Coach of the Year.

He knows what it takes to build a championship roster, and has displayed this for countless seasons at Michigan St. as the Spartans always seem to be in contention for the national championship.

However, much to the Magic’s dismay, Izzo will remain with MSU, despite the recent scandals that have hurt the university’s reputation. This year, it became known that basketball star Miles Bridges was linked to the FBI probe that discovered several amateur athletes were bribed to play for top institutions in the country. In addition, MSU osteopathic physician Larry Nassar was convicted of sexual assault and child pornography. It has been a rough year for the Spartans, but Izzo will stay loyal to the program that has employed him since 1995.