Digital Marketing

As time has changed, the evolution of new and more effective technologies of marketing has contributed a lot to the success of business no matter whether it is a small or medium-sized business. Many businesses have achieved tremendous growth with the use of these new modern marketing technologies. You might be thinking what are these “new and modern” marketing technologies? These technologies are nothing but the technologies that require “Internet” as a platform to market any business’s products or services. And the marketing that is done through a digital platform is called “Digital Marketing”. Digital marketing incorporates various aspects such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Nowadays, the increased use of the internet has arisen the need for some modern marketing technologies that do not require much manual effort, unlike traditional marketing. Now, almost half of the population all over the world is using the internet. Thus, people are diverting towards new marketing technologies than traditional marketing in order to grow their business.

So, now you would have got an idea that what is Digital Marketing, how and why it is getting more importance these days. And now the main question that might be clicking in your mind could be “How Digital Marketing Helps in Business Growth”? Right? Then, let’s discuss the answer to this question.

How Digital Marketing Helps in Business Growth?

There are numerous benefits of using digital marketing for your business growth. We have listed some of those benefits here:

1. Creates Your Brand Awareness In Front of a Huge Audience:

As discussed above, half of the population all over the world is using the internet for their personal and professional requirement today. Thus, it helps businesses to get visible in front of a huge audience with the help of digital marketing. You do not need to put much effort and money for this, you just need to be aware enough of the digital marketing techniques that help in generating more traffic to your business and thus increasing your revenue. Digital marketing also helps in expanding your business to new locations without any geographical hurdle.

2. More Cost Effective as Compared to Traditional Marketing:

The traditional marketing techniques such as showing ads on TV, printing brochures and billboards cost more as compared to digital marketing techniques. A normal TV ad costs approximately 350000 rupees that cannot be afforded by the small and medium-sized business. Whereas, on the other hand using digital marketing techniques, business owners can promote their products and services online through social media, websites and different tools and platform available today in a very cost-effective manner.

Digital marketing also allows you to plan your business marketing strategies according to the budget and hence opens the door for a better return on investment (ROI). According to a survey, it is found that 40% of businesses are getting profit by using digital marketing for their business promotion.

3. It Allows to Track Your Business Growth:

Along with other benefits, one of the important advantages of digital marketing is that it allows measuring the performance of your business. Unlike traditional marketing, it allows you to check which campaign or which strategy is working better for your business and hence gives you a chance to improve current strategies and prepare future techniques accordingly. There are various free and paid tools available online that help to keep track of your business performance, such as Google Analytics (a free tool by Google), Ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ (paid). These tools help in finding out the traffic sources of your business as well as tracking the performance.

4. Helps in Generating Higher Revenue:

Digital marketing helps to generate higher revenue for your business by increasing your brand awareness to a huge audience, thus helps in generating more leads and increasing conversion rate. When your business gets popularity over various digital platforms, it gets easy to acquire more leads and convert them into customers and thus increasing sales and revenue of your business. According to Google, companies using digital marketing for their business promotion expect 2.8 times better revenue growth.

5. Reduces Human Efforts, Time and Money:

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing does not require much effort from humans because of new technologies. It has decreased manual tasks and helped in saving time, efforts and money. For example, if you are a product based company, then you need to hire some sales and marketing people to handle field tasks such as going to the customers’ place, meeting them face to face and make them aware of your business products. This requires human efforts as well as time and money. While on the other hand, if you opt to choose digital marketing, then you do not need to this. You just have to create ads, post relevant information, images, videos, discount and offers related to your product and share it through digital platforms. This enables your product to get visible to your target audience.