I don’t think Disney is going to rehire James Gunn as director.

James Gunn, director of the beloved Marvel franchise Guardians of the Galaxy was fired on Friday due to inappropriate tweets he made about rape and child molestation years ago.

His comments can’t be excused but it’s very unfortunate that his past mistakes will derail his future career. Arguably Gunn could be considered one of the most successful directors making movies right now.

His latest movie Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two made over $863 million dollars worldwide. With his visionary style and humor, Gunn made unknown characters like Starlord and Groot into household names. (Let’s be honest, the most quotable line from all the Marvel movies is I am Groot)

Gunn had even apologized for these awful tweets years ago, even before his first Guardians movie was released. So Disney probably already knew about these tweets but they took action now due to the tweets gaining more public attention.

The tweets were resurfaced by conservative advocate Mike Cernovich who wanted to wound Gunn who denounces the behavior of President Donald Trump. With Gunn fired, Cernovich has won.

Yes, there must be consequences. However, this does say something off-putting by Disney if the company hired Gunn knowing he made these tweets but now must fire him because people besides Disney now know about the tweets.

Disney probably should never have hired Gunn if the company was ever concerned with how the general public would react to his tweets. At least with the firing of Roseanne Barr who also has a history of inappropriate tweets, she was fired for something new and racist that she posted on Twitter.

It’s like saying it’s okay if you were a bad person but don’t do anything else bad and as long as what you did in the past doesn’t ever interest the general public, then you are good and can have a job.

One issue though is with fame, there will always be people who want to bring you down and remind your fans that you aren’t perfect.

The truth is nobody’s perfect. Unlike Barr, Gunn seemed to be learning from his mistakes and not making more mistakes for the same reasons.

Many stars from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise such as Sean Gunn (his brother), Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt have posted on social media, implying love for James Gunn. The most vocal has been Dave Bautista who has disagreed with what is happening to Gunn.

Also, actress Selma Blair has also spoken against Gunn’s firing. Gunn helped convince Blair to speak about her sexual harassment experience in Hollywood.

There is also a change.org petition for Disney to rehire Gunn. Right now the petition has over 182 thousand signatures and it’s goal is 200,000. It will probably reach this goal today if not tomorrow.

However, Disney will not rehire James Gunn as director. I think it’s a little reasonable that Disney did fire him. Maybe Disney should have just put him on probation since these comments weren’t new. This whole situation is just shocking and saddening.

With all this love for Gunn, there are probably still a good amount of people who don’t think he should be rehired. My prediction is Gunn will not direct Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 but maybe he’ll be an executive producer or a consultant.

These movies and characters wouldn’t be as popular without Gunn and Disney shouldn’t completely cut ties with him for something he did years ago. Disney had the chance to never work with Gunn but the company instead chose to foster a relationship. If anything Disney should have defended Gunn’s current behavior when these awful tweets resurfaced.

Instead, the Mickey Mouse company chose to fire him and Disney will probably stand behind this decision. No one likes to admit that they were wrong and reverse decisions, especially billion-dollar companies.

Hopefully, Gunn can remain a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise somehow.