Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO – What’s New On Streaming Sources?

What's new on streaming sources: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO?v

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO – wondering what to watch? These are the new and prominent titles arriving on popular streaming platforms, ranging from classic movies to original series.

Available March 26 on Netflix: “A Week Away”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

In this faith-based musical film, troubled teen Will Hawkins avoids juvenile detention by enrolling in a Christian summer camp… and finds love in the process.

Available March 26 on Hulu: “Into the Dark: Blood Moon”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

After a lengthy COVID-related delay, the final episode of the second season of the horror anthology series eventually airs.

Available March 26 on Disney+: “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

Fans of the 1992 film about kids’ hockey team may be interested in this spinoff series starring Emilio Estevez reprising his original role.

Available March 26 on Netflix: “The Irregulars” premiere

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

UK crime drama series starring the youngest members of the Sherlock Holmes universe. A ragtag group of misfits works to solve supernatural crimes at the request of the world’s greatest detective.

Available March 27 on Netflix: “Blacklist”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

8th season of breathtaking crime thriller television series is coming to Netflix. In this one, a dangerous endgame is beginning between former allies, as Liz chooses to ally with her mother in bringing Red down once and for all.

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Available March 27 on HBO Max: “Tina”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

Tina Turner’s early fame, private and public, personal and professional hardships, and her return to the world stage as a rock-and-roller in the 1980s are all chronicled in this documentary.

Available April 1 on Netflix: “Career Opportunities”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

Quirky and romantic 1991 comedy, starring Jenifer Connelly and Frank Whaley.

“While working his lonely graveyard shift, a department store janitor stumbles upon a troubled girl who has been accidentally locked inside with him,” Netflix describes the movie.

Available April 1 on Netflix: “Duplicity”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

Romantic thriller comedy, with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Two romantically engaged operatives become embroiled in a bitter rivalry between two pharmaceutical corporations.

Available April 1 on Netflix: “Worn Stories”

Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO's new titles

A pretty interesting limited series by Netflix will be streaming on the platform soon.

Netflix describes it as “Funny, heartfelt and moving docuseries, real people unpack the fascinating and quirky stories around their most meaningful pieces of clothing.”

Available April 1 on Netflix: “Meru”

Netflix's new titles
Conrad Anker on a 2011 expedition, which is part of “Meru.” Photo by Jimmy Chin/Music Box Films

An inspiring and adventurous documentary that follows three elite mountain climbers as they scale an Indian mount called the Shark’s Fin – it’s considered to be one of the world’s difficult peaks.

Available April 2 on Netflix: “The Serpent”

Netflix's new titles

Slick, dark, suspenseful drama series coming on Netflix.

“In the 1970s, merciless killer Charles Sobhraj preys on travelers exploring the ‘hippie trail’ of South Asia. Based on shocking true events,” Netflix describes the series.

Available April 7 on Netflix: “This is a Robbery”

Netflix new titles

Mystery and investigative limited series by Netflix. The series illustrates the world’s biggest art heist.

“In 1990, two men dressed as cops con their way into a Boston museum and steal a fortune in art. Take a deep dive into this daring and notorious crime,” Netflix proposes.

Available April 9 on Netflix: “Thunder Force”

Netflix's new titles

Goofy, irreverent, and exciting Netflix film, starring Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spenser, and Tyrel Jackson Williams.

“Two childhood best friends reunite as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo when one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpowers,” Netflix describes the movie.

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