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The United Kingdom has gone through the most controversial decision in recent times with the referendum resulting in an exit from the European Union. Throughout the night, poll stations across the UK were gathering up and totalling the votes, and one by one they confirmed the percentage of each campaign – remain or leave. With more than 30 million people voting – the highest turnout at a UK-wide vote since 1992 – 48.1% voted to remain, whilst 51.9% voted to leave. Many watched with anxiety as results were given through the early hours and although the public were aware of how close the vote could be, most seemed generally shocked this morning to hear of the final split. Leading up to the vote, many people favoured Britain remaining in the EU with numerous communities signalling their uncertainty about leaving the EU, with no promise or evidence to show how successful the UK may be in leaving the EU.

There seems to be a sense of separation and discomfort amongst the public this morning, the realisation of the UK heading into unknown territory is one that many find terrifying. Across social media this morning, those that have justified their vote to leave have been scrutinised, but the backlash of this result has yet to be seen.

Brexit (name given by the leave party to signal a British exit) emphasised that leaving the EU meant we could strike more of a collection to invest into the NHS for a better healthcare service. The central view of the leave party was to “take back control” and consistently informing the public that immigration would no longer be a problem and the borders would be guarded with high precaution than in earlier years.
Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP (UK Independence Party), stated that he was “proud” that Britain found the “courage” to take back control and insisted that he would “love” to see Britain exit the EU by some point next year.

However, controversially and shockingly, Farage made an appearance on GMB this morning where he was interviewed regarding this ‘victory’ and his thoughts on what Britain would do next moving forward. After developing his ideology on how Britain would regain confidence in being independent, he was then questioned about the promises that the leave party made during its promotional campaign.

The presenter Susan Reid asked Farage about the £350 million pound that the UK pays to the EU, and if he can “guarantee that will go the NHS” – a statement profoundly drilled in by the leave party. Bearing in mind that this was one of the biggest statements and promises made by the leave party, which was mentioned in both TV advertisements and political talks, Farage began to stutter and had a completely different tone. He stated outright he cannot guarantee this and it was a “mistake” that the leave party made that claim. Reid, taken back by Farage’s liability, was confused and shocked that the leave party had claimed such a big promise, saying that “it was one of the main reasons” that people voted to leave. This shocked all viewers to the core and it quickly became the most popular trending topic on Twitter this morning, many stating that the lies have already started to unravel.

Many people this morning are questioning the result, with the general consensus leading up the vote was that many wanted to remain. Last night, conspiracists were alarmed with poll cards, when the government urged to use pencils when marking votes so that the ink of a pen does not smudge. However, they believed that the only reason to use the pencils were so that votes could be easily rubbed out with an eraser and another decision could be selected if the government needed it to be. Of course, these were rumours and allegations but still illustrates the amount of anxiety and paranoia that most felt.

With graphs and charts being officially released this morning, we are able to map out which areas of the UK were in favour to leave or to remain. Mostly the north of the UK that included Scotland and Northern Ireland were largely in favour to remain, as well as the majority of London. However, we see that it was Wales, the Midlands and the East that voted to leave with over 55% in most of these areas. Moreover, during the uncertainty, the pound gathered value through the night but after the result was revealed, it fell to its lowest point since 1985 against the dollar. For many, they were in fear of what this drop could mean for the future and whether this was an indication of lower times to come for Britain, or if it was just a minor slump in rebuilding the UK to higher ground.

Furthermore, charts displayed the favoured decision in specific age groups. Many were distraught that the older generation chose in favour of leaving as many of the younger generation stated they would have to live with the ‘consequences’ and subsequently raise their future children in an economy that could potentially be very vulnerable.


Political members of other countries also gave their split reactions of the referendum via social media. Germany’s Foreign Ministry tweeted that the news is “truly sobering” with Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, saying that he is “sad for the United Kingdom”. However, Sweden Democrat Paula Bieber offered a “congratulations” and used the hashtag #SwexistWillFollow and Dutch anti-immigration leader Geert Wilders called for a referendum in the Netherlands to follow the British result. David Cameron, the British Prime minister who was in favour to remain in the EU spoke to the media this morning outside his Downing Street office. Shocked and disturbed with the result, but also respecting the decision of the British people, he stated he will be resigning as Prime minister in October. He insisted he would attempt to “steady the ship” and aimed to motivate those people who voted to remain by saying “the will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered”.

It will take generally a minimum of two years for the UK to formally leave the UK however, as the parliament still has to pass the laws that will get Britain out of the 28 nation group. After the leave vote as well as a host of variables, the indication is that interest rates, property prices and the generate state of the economy would be dealt a huge blow, but there is no significant indication yet of how bad/good it will be. In terms of work, for now, permits are not required to work in the EU, and so far there is no idea of permits being put into place. However, if restrictions were put into place, as the UKIP wants, then other countries could reciprocate which means Britons would have to apply for visas to work. Under Article 50, the UK can join the EU again in the future, but only if the procedure in Article 49 is carried out. Article 49 basically states that the European Parliament will act in accordance with its component members to come to a unanimous decision based on different adjustments and agreements between member states and the applicant (UK).

It is difficult to say how the future will pan out with Britain still reacting to the decision and trying to find it’s independent feet. Time will only tell if this is the worst decision that has been made or if this will make the UK into an independent and prominent character within the world, hopefully it’s the latter.

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