Diversity, Inclusiveness of DNC vs. Hateful White Nationalism of RNC

The demographic differences between the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention are staggering.

Let’s start with the major themes of the two conventions. While the RNC focused on white identity politics, bashing minorities for ruining the greatness of America, the DNC has focused on diversity and inclusion. The demographics of the conventions exemplify this.

Over 80% of the primetime speakers at the RNC were white. The first night of the DNC featured almost as many speeches from people of color as the entire RNC.

Not even 1% of the delegates at the RNC were black, compared to 24.8% at the DNC. Michelle Obama spoke about race, and “wak[ing] up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”

The most notable black speaker at the RNC, Sheriff David Clarke, denounced Black Lives Matter and celebrated the acquittal Lt. Brian Rice, one of the Baltimore officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Milwaukee, the county Clarke serves, is also the worst place to live for black people in the entire the United States, according to analyses of U.S. Census Bureau, The Sentencing Project, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.There were 18 black speakers on the first night of the DNC. There were 18 black delegates overall at the RNC.

There were 18 black speakers on the first night of the DNC. There were 18 black delegates overall at the RNC.

Over 15% of the DNC delegates are Latino. There were 12 Latino speakers on the first night of the DNC. The 11-year old daughter of an undocumented person spoke about her fears of deportation.More Trump family members spoke at the RNC than Hispanics. Even worse, Donald Trump and the other RNC speakers spent the convention blaming Latinos for America’s problems and proclaiming that they need to be deported, as they are rapists and criminals stealing jobs from white Americans.

More Trump family members spoke at the RNC than Hispanics. Donald Trump and the other RNC speakers spent the convention blaming Latinos for America’s problems and proclaiming that they need to be deported, as they are rapists and criminals stealing jobs from white Americans.

Over 60% of delegates at the Democratic National Convention are women. More women spoke on the first night of the DNC than white people. Only two women made primetime speeches on the first night of the RNC. 30 women made speeches on the first night of the DNC. 60% of them were women of color. Two of the women identified as queer.

13% of the delegates at the DNC are openly members of the LGBTQ community. 27 of them are openly transgender. The 2016 Republican Platform invalidated transgender identities and said that they should be banned from using the facilities corresponding to their gender identity. There has only been one openly gay delegate in the Republican National Committee ever, and her attempts to build a more LGBTQ-friendly Republican platform were all shot down.

The 2016 Republican Platform is the most anti-LGBTQ in United States history. It even advocates conversion therapy, a debunked practice that overwhelming results in serious mental health issues for LGBTQ youth, and often suicide. The 2016 Democratic Platform is the most LGBTQ-friendly in United States history.

And that’s not accounting to the actual content of the conventions. The DNC has proudly proclaimed the diversity and inclusiveness of the Democratic Party. The RNC confirmed that the Republican Party is for straight, cisgender, white, racially resentful men who want to lower taxes on the wealthy. The DNC actually looks like the United States. The RNC looked like a white nationalist’s dream come true.

As conservative intellectual, journalist, and policy advisor to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio Avik Roy explained:

“Conservative intellectuals, and conservative politicians, have been in kind of a bubble. We’ve had this view that the voters were with us on conservatism — philosophical, economic conservatism. In reality, the gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.

It’s the power of wishful thinking. None of us want to accept that opposition to civil rights is the legacy that we’ve inherited

It’s a common observation on the left, but it’s an observation that a lot of us on the right genuinely believed wasn’t true — which is that conservatism has become, and has been for some time, much more about white identity politics than it has been about conservative political philosophy. I think today, even now, a lot of conservatives have not come to terms with that problem.”

The conventions repeat the racial differences in the party that were also demonstrated last week by White House selfies. House Speaker Paul Ryan posted a selfie of Capitol Hill Republicans interns. The whiteness was so excruciating that hashtags such as #GOPSoWhite and #InternsSoWhite immediately started trending on Twitter.



Even Representative Barbara Lee of California went to Twitter to criticize the overwhelming whiteness of Paul Ryan’s #SpeakerSelfie:



Days later, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas posted some far more diverse pictures to her Twitter account:


The racial demographics of these two groups of interns mirrors the racial demographic divide between Congressional Republicans and Democrats. Only 6% of House Republicans are nonwhite, compared to 42% of House Democrats. 33% of House Republican constituents age 18 to 24 are nonwhite, compared to 58% of House Democrat constituents. 93.6% of black members of Congress are Democrats. Hispanic Democrats elected to office outnumber Hispanic Republicans 7.6 to 1.

The simple truth is that, regardless of black conservatives like Sheriff David Clarke, the Republican Party has become the party of racially resentful white people.


The Republican National Convention was a national platform for bigotry, hatred, and discrimination. The Democratic National Convention has been a national platform for intersectional inclusion. The most popular slogan of the Republican National Convention was “lock her up!” The most popular slogan of the Democratic National Convention if “love trumps hate.”

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