Trumps campaign for the presidency has been filled with controversy and scandal. The recent release of a 2005 conversation has many people once again upset and disgusted at how the man has and continues to conduct himself. In spite of this, many people are still lending their voices to support him. News of those remaining with Trump has many people curious as to what prominent figures and politicians are still rooting for the man.

While the list of those who continue to still openly support Trump is dwindling very quickly, there are still some people remaining by his side. CNN is reporting that some politicians are sticking by his side. Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is one of the more obvious to do so and though he has stated that he does not “condone” Trump’s remarks, he is happy he has expressed some regret and is still continuing on to be Trump’s running mate.

CNN is also reporting that former surgen Ben Carson has also continued to stand by Trump during this time. Reports are showing that Carson belives the media has had knowledge of these 2005 comments for some time now, and have just been waiting for a beneficial time to release them.

Others rounding off the list of continued Trump supporters include Steve Scalise, Joni Ernst, Kevin McCarthy, and John Cornyn. Most of the politicians named have released some sort of statement saying that they do not agree with the comment he made during this interview at all, but have not responded to officials when asked whether or not this incident will hinder them from continuing to vote for Donald Trump in November.

This most recent scandal has put Donald Trump’s campaign in more trouble than ever before. One can only hope that the man’s comments do not continue to put the nation in such an uproar every week.