Donald Trump Says He is Ready To Return To Re-election Campaign

Although the White House has only shared vague details on Trump’s condition, the president’s doctor has said Trump “completed his course of therapy” and will be able to return to campaigning on Saturday.

Donald Trump Says He is Ready To Return To Re-election Campaign
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Nearly a week after President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus and days of uncertainty, Trump said on Thursday that he is feeling perfect and is also ready to resume his re-election campaign. In a statement released on Thursday, Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor, said the President had completed his therapy for coronavirus and on Saturday would be able to get back in public.

Conley said that Saturday will be the tenth day since the diagnosis and said that based on the advanced diagnostics by the team of health professionals, he fully anticipates Trump’s return to the public engagements.


On Thursday, while talking to a local news channel, Trump said he would likely take the COVID-19 test on Friday. He further added that if his campaign team has enough time to put it together, they also plan to hold a rally on Saturday.

Since he returned from the Walter Reed Hospital and with less than a month to go until the presidential election in November, Trump has not appeared in public except for interviews on Fox News and videos produced by the White House.

Meanwhile, the White House physicians have not provided the media or public with health updates since his discharge from the military hospital. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a ten-days isolation period following the onset of coronavirus symptoms, which for the President was October 1.

However, the White House officials have not yet shared when Trump tested negative, which would help the health experts determine when he was exactly infected. America’s top infectious disease expert said that two negative PCR tests in less than 24 hours are required to determine if an individual is still contagious.

In response to this, the strategic communication director of the White House said that the President’s medial history was his private information. Furthermore, while talking to the fox News on Thursday, Trump maintained that he is no longer contagious. In his first interview since being released, he said he is feeling really good.

The President further added, “I think I am better to the point where I’d love to do a rally tonight. I wanted to do one last night,” Trump said, adding that he would “stand by myself very far away from everybody.”

Besides, when asked about the virtual debate, he said he would not participate in any such debate. He described the idea of a virtual debate a “joke”, adding that he would rather hold a rally. However, later, Trump agreed to defer the debate to October 22, and his re-election campaign also insisted on the idea to reschedule the third debate.

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