Does Drinking Beer Make a Woman Less Classy?

There are different views on the classiness of beer, but is this topic dated? When it comes to gender, should we believe that certain alcoholic drink choices can really be attributed to a particular sex? We should ask the real question at hand: does drinking out of a beer bottle make a woman less classy or even unattractive? The answer to this question is actually quite simple; Hell no! Before we elaborate on the answer, let us analyze all of the reasons why people would think that drinking beer would make a woman seem unattractive.

1. Beer will make you bloated: Yes this is true; however, if you have one or two every once in a blue moon, it will not mess up your diet.

2. Beer is a man’s drink: Yes this may be true. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste and anyone can have or not have a taste for beer.

3. Beer is not delicate or pretty: Men will not pay attention to the beer if the woman holding the bottle is beautiful. If women feel confident, their drink choice will not make them feel bad about themselves. Besides, who wants to feel delicate?

1. Men love women who drink beer: If a woman can sit at a bar and have a beer, men will fall for her. Not only does drinking beer bring a more laid back vibe, but it also suggests comradery. Not only can you two have fun anywhere, but he will feel more comfortable around you and let down his guard around you.

2. Beer enhances the flavor of food: Like wine, beer can open up your taste buds when paired with certain foods, especially beef.

3. Beer is safe: Hard liquor or mixed drinks can be expensive and can give you a buzz when you do not want one. By drinking beer with dinner, you can get full sooner, making the risk of getting sloppy unlikely.

But like all alcohol, always drink in moderation. Too much beer can be detrimental, but if consumed wisely and only during a night out, you can have fun for a good price and be more aware of your surroundings.

About Stacy Narine

Originally from Paterson, NJ, I recently graduated from Seton Hall University with my B.A in English. I will be starting my M.A program in Literature at Seton Hall University in spring 2015. I love Pinterest, Photoshop, and writing fictional short stories about characters who are trying to establish a sense of individuality while in relationships. Ready to momentarily stray from fiction, I am motivated to write about topics that are important to women.

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