Egypt, Coronavirus, and Art: A Roaming Artist in Times of Crisis

Mohamed Abdelhay photographer
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Although the first country to find the medical cure to the novel coronavirus will gain a lot financially, Egypt already appears to have joined the race for it. It has been rumored that Egypt has developed vaccine to cure the coronavirus. Meanwhile, a photographer in Egypt, Mohamed Abdelhay has provided some relief to the people through his digital art.

Recently, Cairo University claimed in the first week of April to have developed a treatment protocol for the COVID-19 that is now awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health and Population.

The proposed protocol is based on the use of two drugs available on the local market and is likely to help curb mortality rates among COVID-19 patients as well as treatment costs. Mohammad al-Darouti, the professor at Cairo University, said that once the Health Ministry approved the treatment, it can seek approval from the World Health Organization.

Last week. Rumors circulated on social media that Egypt has discovered a treatment or vaccine that had also been sent to Italy as a part of medical aid. The rumor mills also churned another news that the number of confirmed cases and deaths decreased in Italy the next day.

Such claims were met with sarcasm by social media consumers who questioned the ability of Egypt to discover a cure in the wake of its comparatively underdeveloped research sector.

It is uncertain whether or not Egypt has discovered a medical cure for the coronavirus. But one thing is certain that an Egyptian digital artist, Mohamed Abdelhay, has discovered a spiritual cure to the tense situation created by the pandemic in Egypt.


Mohamed Abdelhay is a photographer and a graphic designer, and he likes to portray his art to soothe people of Egypt amid the coronavirus. In normal days, he philanthropizes his digital art by treating people’s old pictures by renewing them with his digital artistry. But now he is doing an additional task.

Until the latest report, Egypt has recorded 2065 coronavirus cases due to the coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Besides, Egypt reported 159 Coronavirus Deaths.

“The White Army is There for you”

The graver situation has forced the Egyptian people to stay at their homes to stop the infection from spreading. However, during this quarantine, Abdelhay has resumed his artistic work to convey to people that the doctors, or the white army, is there to protect them.

While taking his mobile phone as his portable camera, he goes out of the house. As he passes from the vacant streets that depict as if life might never have existed there, he goes from one place to another. He captures the empty places with his mobile, and he captures the great pyramids of Egypt, and the longest river of the world, the Nile.

Abdelhay combines the pictures of doctors and that of the coronavirus that he takes from the internet and starts composing them to forge through his digital artistry.
The intention is to inform and soothe people that they have not been left alone in this time of crisis. Through the pictorial designs that he sends to the people, the Egyptian artist conveys that the doctors are laboring to get them rid of the deadly virus.

The digital art is gaining popularity in Egypt, and the underlying purpose of Mohamed Abdelhay is to create awareness among the people about the coronavirus, ensuring them that calamities and common dangers are meant to unite people, nations and the world.

The coronavirus is a common threat to the entire humanity, of which Egypt is a tiny part. For now, there is no known cure, and whatever has been claimed about discovering the COVID-19 vaccine is uncertain.

But one certain thing is that helping people in times of crises like this, is a relieving aspect of humanity, which Mohamed Abdelhay is doing in Egypt and what the world, in general, ought to do.

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