Melania Trump with Victims of El Paso Shooting incident
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After the horrible incident of El Paso shooting, police arrested the shooter from the spot. Media reports say that 22 people were killed in that incident. The accused man told the police that he was trying to target the Mexicans. He confessed while he was being arrested by the police.
Culprit’s name is Patrick Crusius and he is 21 years old. He came forward with the rifle in his hands and told the police officers that he is the shooter. Media reports suggesting that the culprit of El Paso shooting is Xenophobic. After the arrest, he told the officers that he entered the store with the rifle and ammunition.
The media reports further claim that when the shooter entered the store he opened the fire by using his AK-47 rifle. Many victims were dead on the spot. According to a report published in the Washington Post, Patrick Crusius claimed that his target was Mexicans. After the ten hours of driving, the shooter reached from Dallas to El Paso.
Out of the 22 killed, 8 were Mexicans. About 20 people got injured in El Paso shooting. Authorities opine that the shooter published an anti-migrant and white supremacist literature before the incident. Its author rails against the alleged “Hispanic Invasion of Texas” and the race-mixing. The document includes anti-immigrant rhetoric. The document further claims that he (shooter) is trying to save America from an ethnic replacement.
Many El Paso residents, democrats, and human rights activist protested against President Trump. They claim that President Trump’s rhetoric is giving rise to ethnic and racial bigotry in the USA. While President Trump denies these allegations. He says that his policies are bringing the people together and his government is working in the right direction.
The culprit of El Paso shooter is charged with the capital murder. He is being kept without bond. Sources confirm that authorities are also considering to include hate crime charges. Here it must be noted that the incident of El Paso shooting occurred hours before another shooting incident. The other mass shooting incident occurred in Dayton, Ohio. Nine people were killed in Ohio incident.
Authorities claim that there is no link between the two incidents. However, the incidents have pressurized the US congress to take steps to reduce gun violence.
El Paso shooting incident is not the first incident of this kind. The USA is facing a rising wave of gun violence. In recent incidents of shooting, the culprits were believed to be Xenophobic. Experts believe that the influx of immigrants is causing reduction of jobs for the local population which creates a wave of disappointment and this eventually results in Xenophobic sentiments.
The racially bigoted elements use the youth of the local population to fulfil their notorious designs. Furthermore, the use of the racial card in politics is also destroying the minds of youth.
Conclusively we can say that irregularities in immigrant laws are promoting Xenophobic mindsets. The local population fears that a huge influx of immigrants can create an identity crisis. They further claim that the irregular influx of immigrants results in the reduction of employment opportunities for locals. This creates a sense of alienation among the local population and youth gets trapped by racially bigoted elements. US authorities need to develop progressive policies. These policies should maintain a balance between the immigrants and the local population. Only an effective framework can eliminate the rising wave of Xenophobia from the USA. US congress should also pay attention to devise gun control policies.


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